"A band of brothers and sisters in a circle of trust"

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[SNCC photo]


Prathia Hall, SNCC.


"Prathia Hall is the one platform speaker I would prefer not to follow."  — Martin Luther King.

[© Ken Thompson]


Fannie Lou Hamer, SNCC.

[Photographer unknown]


Mary Hamilton, CORE

[Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission photo] "Big Lester" Hankerson, SCLC. Mugshot, Grenada MS. 1966.

Bill Harris, Joe Green, Emory Harris, SCLC [© Bruce Hartford]

[Photographer unknown] Jesse Harris, SNCC.

[© John Phillips] Bruce Hartford, SCLC.

[© Matt Herron]


Casey Hayden, SNCC.

[Courtesy Matt Herron]



SNCC photographer Matt Herron evading deputy sheriff.

Mathew Hughes, SNCC [photographer unknown]

[photographer unknown] John Hulett. LCFO & SNCC. First Black sheriff elected in Lowndes County AL.

Rodney L. Hurst (right) with Roy Wilkins (left). [photographer unknown]


[From collection of Don Jelinek]

SNCC freedom fighters (from left to right) Obaka (Thomas Taylor), Don Jelinek, Stu House, Jamil Abdullah Al-Amin (H. Rap Brown), Kwame Ture (Stokeley Carmichael), and Jimmy Lytle during a trial in Selma, 1967.


[Photographer Unknown]


Clyde Kennard after being released from Parchman Prison in 1963.

[© Matt Herron]


Ed King & Joan Trumpauer, MS, 1963. (Joan's sweatshirt says: "Just a cracker from Georgia.")

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, SCLC.

[© Jim Peppler]

[Photographer unknown] Dorie Ladner, SNCC.

Joyce Ladner, SNCC, 1963. [© Matt Herron]

[Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission photo] Bernard Lafayette. Freedom Rider mugshot. Jackson, MS.

Jennifer Lawson, Atlanta, GA, 1966 [© Julius Lester]

[Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission photo] Jim Leatherer. Meredith Mississippi March, 1966.

[Photographer unknown] Herbert Lee

[Jackson Police photo]


Mary Harrison Lee (Freedom Rider)

[© Herbert Randall]


Sandy Leigh, SNCC, Hattiesburg, MS, 1964.

[© Herbert Randall]


Julius Lester, SNCC, Hattiesburg, MS, 1964.

[Photographer Unknown] John Lewis, SNCC.

[Photo from John Logsdon] Gloria Newton Logsdon, & John Logsdon CORE/NAACP, 1963

[Photographer Unknown] Chuck McDew, SNCC

[SNCC photo]


Silas McGee, SNCC.

[© Jim Peppler] Floyd McKissick, CORE.

[Shiela Michaels] Shiela Michaels, CORE, SNCC.

[© Tuscaloosa News photo]


(Left) Rev. Richard Boone, SCLC
(Right) Rev. Harold Middlebrroks, SCLC
Tuscaloosa, AL. 1964

Ozell Mitchell, COFO, Holmes County, MS. [© Sue (Lorenzi) Sojourner]

[Jackson Police] John Moody, Jr, Freedom Rider

[© Harvey Richards]


Amzie Moore, Mississippi, 1963.

Harry & Harriette Moore, NAACP. Assasinated by the KKK, Christmas day, 1951.

[photographer unknown]

[© Alan Reich]


CORE organizer Joe Morse, Lauderdale Co. MS. 1965.

[from the collection of Eric Morton]


Eric Morton, SNCC. On Lynch St. in front of the Jackson COFO office, 1963.

[from collection of Lee Jack Morton] Lee Jack Morton, SNCC/COFO

[Photographer unknown] Bob Moses, SNCC.

Curtis (Hayes) Muhammad, SNCC. [© Matt Herron]




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