Documents From the Poor People's Campaign

Poor People's Campaign: Letter to the President, Martin Luther King, SCLC. August 10, 1966

Statement Announcing Poor People's Campaign, Martin Luther King. December 4, 1967.

Draft: To the President, Congress, and Supreme Court of the United States, Unsigned, assumed to be Dr. King and perhaps others associated with SCLC. February 6, 1968.

Economic Bill of Rights, SCLC ~ Martin Luther King. 1968.

Poor People's Campaign brochure, SCLC. Spring 1968.

Poor People's Campaign Checklist (for supporters), Bernard Lafayette, SCLC. Undated

Poor People's Campaign Flyer, SCLC. Early 1968

Minutes SCLC Poor Peoples Campaign staff meeting, March 28, 1968

Letter to Supporters Regarding Poor People's Campaign, Martin Luther King. April, 1968.

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