Freedom Movement Contact Lists

[Contact lists of names, addresses, and phone numbers were the essential raw material of community organizing and Freedom Movement mobilization. They were also one of the few types of information that activists tried to keep secret out of fear that the police, Klan, and White Citizens Council would retaliate against those supporting the Civil Rights Movement. Since local sheriffs, sovereignity commissions, FBI, and others maintained extensive networks of neighborhood snitches in most Afro-American communities, as a practical matter they quickly identified most local activists and supporters, few of whom remained secret for long. But our organizational lists made identifying them easy and convenient so we went to some lengths to prevent them from falling into the hands of our adversaries.]

SNCC Offices & Contacts
1964 COFO Contact List, unsigned COFO. June 23 1964
1964Volunteers in the State, Mississippi Freedom Summer, COFO.
1964 Parents List – Addreses and Names (re Mississippi Freedom Sumer volunteers), COFO? SNCC? Undated summer of 1964
1964 COFO Freedom Centers September 1964
1964Virginia Students Civil Rights Conference list of participants, December 4-6 1964
64-65Contact list: Mississippi Project 1964-1965, COFO
1965?Mississippi Freedom Labor Union Contact List, undated, probably 1965
1965 CORE Lousiana Parish Assignments, Addresses and Phone Numbers, May 1965
1965List of Beats & Beat Captains, Hale County Alabama, SCLC. May 1965
1965List of Local Contacts and Addresses, SCLC SCOPE Project. Summer 1965

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