Freedom Rides of 1961
Articles & Documents


Articles & Narratives by Freedom Ride Participants

Freedom Rides of 1961 (CRMVets) [PDF]

Freedom Rides (CRMVets: Timeline & History)

Chronology of the Freedom Rides of May 1961, Howard Zinn

The Freedom Riders, Robert McAfee Brown & Frank Randal (CORE Pamphlet)

Freedom Rides, New South, 1961 (Multiple articles)

Freedom Riders Speak For Themselves, News & Letters, 1961. (Multiple Articles)

The White Problem, Albert Bigelow. Liberation, 1961.

The Freedom Rides: Were They in Vain? by Terry Sullivan, 1962.

In Pursuit of Freedom, William Mahoney. Liberation, 1961.

A Freedom Rider Speaks His Mind, Jimmy Mcdonald. Freedomways, 1961.

Journey to Prison, Abdul Aziz Khaalis

The Freedom Ride and the Truman Walk, James Peck. Liberation, June 1961.

If I Ever Write Down the Story of My Life..., Rick Sheviakov

Freedom Ride, David Fankhauser.

Ed Blakenheim: Interview 2002

The Freedom Ride of May 1961, Southern Regional Council Special Report (21-pages).

Freedom Rider Diary: Smuggled Notes From Parchman Prison, Carol Ruth Silver. University Press of Mississippi.

"..They're Going to Burn Us Up!", excerpt from Freedom Riders...

Freedom Riders Mug Shots (Eric Etheridge)

Demographic-Political Analysis of Freedom Riders, Henry Gerner, 1964.


Support flyers, Chicago. May 1961.

Three Freedom Riders in Lynch Jail, CORE press release, November 10, 1961.

Freedom Ride Travel Costs, Requisition Procedure, Wyatt T. Walker, James W. Wood, Freedom Ride Coordinating Committee. May 31. 1961.

Report re Freedom Rides, (Shreveport, LA), Dave Dennis, CORE

Albert Bigelow, Committee of Inquiry Testimony May, 1962

James Farmer, Committee of Inquiry Testimony May, 1962

James Peck, Committee of Inquiry Testimony May, 1962

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The map below is from an Associated Press article in February 1962. It accompanied a feature story on the Freedom Rides of 1961 and maps the rides referred to in the AP story.

Note that the map shows only a few of the more than 60 Freedom Rides that criss-crossed the South between May and November of 1961.

[Map © Jeffrey Ward]

Freedom Rider 50th Anniv. Events — 2011

50th Anniversary, Chicago, IL. April 29-May 2.

50th Anniversary & Museum, Montgomery AL. May 20.

S.W. Georgia Project 50th Anniv. Reunion, Albany, GA. June 2-4.

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