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This page provides links to Civil Rights Movement Archive resources that have significant content related to the Freedom Struggle in Georgia.

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Louisiana Movement: Photos

The Louisiana Movement


Louisiana Movement: CRMA History Articles

Baton Rouge Bus Boycott (June)
Baton Rouge Sit-ins & Student Strike (Mar-April)
New Orleans Merchant Boycotts & Sit-ins (1960-1963)
New Orleans School Desgregation (Nov)
Baton Rouge Student Protests (Dec 1961 - Jan 1962)
"Criminal Anarchy" in Louisiana (Feb)
Man-Hunt in Plaquemine LA (Aug-Sept)
Freedom March in New Orleans (Sept)
Deacons for Defense & Justice (July)
Confronting the Klan in Bogalusa With Nonviolence & Self-Defense (Jan-June)
Clarence Triggs Murdered (Jul)
Bogalusa to Baton Rouge March (Aug)


Louisiana Movement: Documents, Field Reports & Letters

Louisiana Literacy Tests & Voter Applications
General, State-Wide & Misc.
1963Letter to Ronnie Moore of CORE re Louisiana literacy test, Jack Minnis, VEP. January 17 1963
1963Louisiana Story 1963, CORE pamphlet. James Farmer.
1963Proposed Voter Education Project for Louisiana: Rural and North, November, CORE. November 1963.
63? 64?Negro Voting in Louisiana, Baton Rouge Committee on Registration Education. Undated (probably 1963 or 1964)
1/64Field report, re Louisiana voter registration. Ronnie Moore, CORE
5/64Letter to Ronnie Moore, re Louisiana summer project. Marcia (no lastname), CORE
5/64Letter to, CORE leader James McCain re Louisiana voter registration. Unsigned, CORE
5/64Letter to Ronnie Moore, re parishes for Louisiana summer project. Michael (Lesser?), CORE
6/64Field Report, West Feliciana Parish Louisiana. Mimi Feingold, CORE
7/64A Special Report on the Jonesboro, Louisiana, Daniel Mitchell, CORE
1964Louisiana Parishes Population Report, CORE Southern Regional Office Research Department. November 19
1964?Louisiana Citizenship Program, CORE.
1965?Louisiana College Campus Report, CORE Southern Regional Office. Undated, probably 1965
1965?CORE Radio Rules & Codes (Louisiana)
1965CORE ~ Louisiana in Brief. 14-page report/analysis.
1965CORE Louisiana voter registration statistics 1965
1965Mississippi Council of Federated Organizations, CORE Mississippi Field Staff. (Explains COFO to Louisiana CORE Staff for January 1965 Conference)
1965Articles of Incorporation, Deacons of Defense & Justice, Louisiana, March.
1965Memo re: CORE General Procedures Louisiana, J. Rollins, CORE. June, 1965
1965Louisiana CORE Newsletter, Unsigned, CORE. July 1965
1968Statement on arrest and persecution H. Rap Brown in Louisiana, signed by many groups and individuals, SNCC. March,

Summer Projects
11/63Letter to national CORE leaders Jim McCain and Marvin Rich re Mississippi situation and ideas for the summer of 1964, Dave Dennis, CORE. November 18, 1963.
May?Louisiana Summer Project, 1964, unsigned CORE.
May?Application Form for Field Worker in CORE Task Force
MayFatima Cortez's Questionnaire
6/64Louisiana Summer Task Force preliminary volunteer list, CORE Southern Regional Office.
1964Vital Statistics & Miscellaneous Facts for CORE's Louisiana summer project, Mimi Feingold, CORE. May 1964
64? 65?CORE Freedom Schools Brochure, undated, probably 1964 or 1965.
6/64?Schedule: The Long Hot Summer, Louisiana, 1964, CORE Southern Regional Office.
6/64Field Report, West Feliciana Parish Louisiana, Ronnie Sigal & Mimi Feingold, CORE.
7/64?Report from Pointe Coupee Parish, Peggy Ewan, Catherine Cortex, Sharon Burger, CORE
1964Louisiana — Summer 1964, the Students Report to Their Home Towns. CORE Pamphlet. (Published accounts from CORE's summer project in Louisiana)
10/64List of subjects for teaching, Unsigned, CORE. October 27 1964
5/65?Format of Louisiana Summer Project, undated possibly May, 1965
6/65??Questions Concerning Local and Parish ASC Committees..., (LA). Unsigned CORE. Undated (probably May or June 1965)
6/65CORE Community Action Guide, June 1965
6/65Community Organization Discussion Outline, unsigned, CORE, 1965
6/65Outline for Weekly Field Report, Unsigned, CORE
6/65CORE summer project educational program workshop, Unsigned, CORE.
6/65Notes and Guidelines on News, Public Relations, Unsigned, CORE. 6/65 1965
6/65Questions for Discussion, Political Awareness Workshop. Unsigned, CORE.
6/65CORE Fact Sheet for Enforcement of the Fair Employment
6/65Unfair employment practices complaint, Unsigned, CORE.
6/65CORE Summer Project Orientation — Educational Program Workshop
6/65CORE contact list of Louisiana ASCS offices
6/65CORE workshops activities, Unsigned, CORE.
6/65CORE tracking arrests and legal issues (form), Unsigned, CORE.
7/65?Abraham Lincoln ~ John F. Kennedy, comparison (Louisiana freedom school teaching material). Unsigned CORE
8/65CORE Freedom News (newsletter, Madison Parish Louisiana), August 6 1965
8/65Minden Freedom Rally. Unsigned, CORE flyer. August 11, 1965

New Orleans
1960Constitution of New Orleans CORE, September 1960
1964New Orleans NAACP Newsletter, January
1964New Orleans NAACP Newsletter, January
1964CORE Orleans Parish Voter Registration Project, Steven Rubin, New Orleans CORE. March 27 1964
1964Petition to Louisiana Governor John J. McKeithen, Citizens Committee, New Orleans. May 28 1964.
1964CORE: Letters to Loews theaters re segregation, Oretha Castle, New Orleans CORE
1964Petition to Louisiana Governor John J. McKeithen, Citizens Committee, New Orleans. May 28 1964.
1964New Orleans CORE Voter Registration Instructions, undated, assumed to be 1964
1964Freedom Ring Encircles Ticket Booth (New Orleans)   Doris Castle, CORE
1965Tentative Program for New Orleans CORE, January 1965
1965Parish of Orleans legal retainer, Lolis Elie. June, 1965
1965CORE 1965 (New Orleans), Matt Suarez.
????New Orleans CORE Voter Registration Report Weekly Tabulation, Nancy Herman & Doratha Smith, New Orleans CORE. Undated.
????New Orleans CORE Project. Undated letter. (Possibly sent to members of community groups)

Baton Rouge
1960All Baton Rougeans Have a Stack in Baton Rouge, Unsigned, FOA. 1960
1961It Happened in Baton Rouge, U.S.A., Major Johns and Ronnie Moore. CORE pamphlet.
63? 64?Negro Voting in Louisiana, Baton Rouge Committee on Registration Education. Undated (probably 1963 or 1964)

1965Why We Protest, A.Z. Young, Bogalusa Civic & Voter League. Undated 1965.
1965Summary of Incidents in Bogalusa, Lousisiana, April 7-9 1965
1965It's Going to be an Expensive Summer..., CORE, Bogalusa, LA fund-appeal letter.
1965Bogalusa, Lousiana, Incident Summary, January 25 - February 21 1965
1965Jonesboro-Bogalusa Project, Lawrence chapter of CORE, March 1965.
1965Bogalusa, Lousiana, Incident Summary, January 28 - July 1 1965.

1965Questions for Greenwood Acres, unsigned CORE flyer from Shreveport LA, July 8 1965
1965Minden Freedom Rally, unsigned CORE flyer from Minden LA, August 6 1965
1965Statement of Vernon Smith, regarding violence in Ferriday, LA. November 11 1965


Louisiana Movement: Interviews, Stories & Oral-Histories

Herman Carter(?)Interview of CORE SSOC member in Baton Rouge LA by #KZSU Project South (Stanford University), Summer 1965.
Rev. Joe CarterInterview re Registering to vote in Louisiana
Raphael CassimereA Civil Rights Activist Revisits the Sixties Movement at UNO, 2003.
 Interview re New Orleans. 2012
Dion DiamondInterview by David Cline, re Freedom Rides, Louisiana, Mississippi (2015)  Video + bio & metadata
George DriesenA Volunteer for Justice: Working for Civil Rights in Louisiana, 1966
Mimi Feingold RealInterview (Freedom Rides, Louisiana)
 Interview with Ron Bridgeforth 2018
 Interview by high school students re CORE, Freedom Rides & Louisiana. 2020   PDF transcript  Video
Hicks familyInterview by Joseph Mosnier re CORE, Deacons for Defense, & Bogalusa LA movement (2011)
Jenkins familyInterview by Joseph Mosnier, re Bogalusa LA Movement (2011)  Video + bio & metadata
Gayle JenkinsInterview by Mimi Feingold (Bogalusa, LA) (1967)
Roy TorkingtonVolunteer: Mississippi 1964 & Louisiana 1965 (2018)
Joe McDomickRegistering to Vote in Louisiana
Meg ReddenFreedom Summer ~ A Memoir (LA)
Jeffrey SchwartzCORE's Freedom Summer — My Experiences in Louisiana
Charles SimsArmed Defense (Bogalusa, LA) 1965
Jerome SmithLouisiana Story interview with Jerome Smith, CORE. 1964
Matt ("Flukey") SuarezOral History (LA & MS)
A.Z. YoungInterview by Mimi Feingold (Bogalusa, LA) (1967)


Louisiana Movement: Commentaries & Analyses by Movement Veterans

Post-1960s commentaries, thoughts, and analyses by Movement veterans regarding or referencing.

Harassment Didn't Stop Civil Rights WorkCorinne Barnwell
The Bogalusa LessonBruce Hartford


Louisiana Movement: Group Discussions by Movement Veterans

Discussions, panels, and email threads about Louisiana by Freedom Movement veterans:

Louisiana & the Freedom Movement Experience2021


Film, Video, & Audio

Films & documentaries, videos, and audio recordings related to Louisiana:

Dr. Mimi Real, Freedom Rider and CORE in Louisiana. Interviewed by high school students. 2020. 118min.


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