BSU/TWLF-Led Student & Faculty Strike
San Francisco State College
November 1968–March 1969

1968-1969 TWLF Strike Chronology of Key Events

SFSC Campus Map & Picket Locations


SFSC Strike Background Materials
SFSC Strike Demands
SFSC Strike Agreements
Student Strike Flyers, Documents & Materials
Faculty & AFT Strike Documents & Materials
SFSC Administration Strike Documents & Materials
Strike Pamphlets & Publications
Strike Legal Defense Documents & Materials
Post-Strike Publications & Assessments

SFSC Strike Background Materials

Black Studies Curriculum, Spring 1968, Black Student Union.
A Conceptual Proposal for a Department of Black Studies, Prof. Nathan Hare, SFSC. 4/19/68
Third World Liberation Front's Position on the Faculty's "Task Force". Undated (probably mid- 1968)
School of Third World Studies, planning documents. Unsigned, undated.
Latin American Student Organization. Undated
Latin American Studies: Proposed Courses. Undated (probably Fall 1968)
Mexican American Student Confederation. Undated (Fall 1968)
Philipine American Collegiate Endeavor Undated
Intercollegiate Chinese for Social Action Position Paper Undated
Proposed Institute of Japanese American Studies & School of Ethnic Studies, AAPA. Undated (Fall 1968?)
Chinatown and the Chinese, L. Ling-chi Wang, ICSA and ICSA Official Statement. December 26, 1968.
Partial transcription of speech to BSU/TWLF students by Benny Stewart, BSU. 11/4/68.
Partial transcription of speech to BSU/TWLF students by Stokely Carmichael, SNCC. 11/4/68.

SFSC Strike Demands

SFSC TWLF Strike Demands (html)
BSU Ten Demands and Explanations
Third World Liberation Front: School of Ethnic Area Studies
AFT San Francisco Strike Issues (demands), 12/9/68

SFSC Strike Agreements

SFSC-BSU/TWLF Strike Settlement Agreement, March 18, 1969
The Outcome of the Strike re BSU/TWLF demands. Helene Whitson. Undated.

Memo to Faculty and Staff, re settlement of AFT strike. S.I. Hayakawa. March 18, 1969
Policy on Disciplinary Action Procedures for Academic Personnel, discussion summary re AFT agreement (page missing). State College System Trustees. Undated

Student Strike Flyers, Documents & Materials

November 1968 materials (35 documents)
December 1968 materials (34 documents)
January 1969 materials, (37 documents)
February 1969 materials, (18 documents)
March 1969 materials, (5 documents)
Undated strike materials, (14 documents)

High school strike-related materials (6 documents)

Community Strike Support Documents, Nov 1968-March 1969. (33 documents)

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Faculty & AFT Strike Documents & Materials

San Francisco State AFT Takes a Stand, re TWLF student strike. 12/4/68
AFT San Francisco Strike Issues (demands), 12/9/68

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SFSC Administration Strike Documents & Materials

Dudley Swim - Who Are You? Economic description & political analysis of the trutees and regents. Unsigned. Undated.
Declaration of Emergency, S.I. Hayakawa. December 2, 1968

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Strike Pamphlets & Publications

Communications Center Bulletins, January-March 1969. (24 documents)

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Strike Legal Defense Documents & Materials

Lawyers Newsletter #9, January class attendance statistics. Unsigned, undated.

Insanity in the Courts the Story Of The Mass Bust Trials of the San Francisco State Strikers. S.F. State Legal Defense Committee. 1969. 10 pages.

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Anti-Strike Injunction: To Be Done


Post-Strike Publications & Assessments

San Francisco State, TWLF strike report. Peter Shapiro & Bill Barlow, Radical Education Project. April 1969. (15 pages).

Shut it Down! A College in Crisis, San Franicisco State College, October 1968-April, 1969. Staff report National Commission on the Causes and Prevention of Violence. William Orrick Jr. June 1969 (189 pages).

Strike At Frisco State! The Story Behind it — the Master Plan for Higher Education. Research Organizing Cooperative. Undated (probably 1969) (40 pages).

Education for the People: The Third World Student Movement at SFSC and CCNY, Angela Rose Ryan, Ohio State University doctoral dissertation. 2010. 308 pages.


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San Francisco State, Peter Shapiro & Bill Barlow. April 1969
Third World Strike at San Francisco State and its Legacy by strike-veteran Peter Shapiro. 2022
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