San Francisco State College
1968 Strike Demands
November 1968–March 1969

Black Student Union (BSU) Demands, November 1968

See also Demands and Explanations
  1. That all Black Studies courses being taught through various other departments be immediately made part of the Black Studies Department, and that all the instructors in this department receive full-time pay.

  2. That Dr. Nathan Hare, Chairman of the Black Studies Department, receive a full professorship and a comparable salary according to his qualifications.

  3. That there be a Department of Black Studies which will grant a Bachelor's Degree in Black Studies; that the Black Studies department, the chairman, faculty and staff have the sole power to hire faculty and control and determine the destiny of its department.

  4. That all unused slots for Black Students from Fall 1968 under the Special Admissions Program be filled in Spring, 1969.

  5. That all Black students wishing so be.admitted in Fall, 1969.

  6. That twenty (20) full-time teaching positions be allocated to the Department of Black Studies.

  7. That Dr. Helen Bedesem be replaced from the position of Financial Aids Officer, and that a Black person be hired to direct it, that Third World people have the power to determine how it will be administered.

  8. That no disciplinary action will be administered in any way to any students, workers, teachers, or administrators during and after the strike as a consequence of their participation in the strike.

  9. That the California State College Trustees not be allowed to dissolve the Black programs on or off the San Francisco State College campus.

  10. That George Murray maintain his teaching position on campus for the 1968-69 academic year.


Third World Liberation Front (TWLF) Demands, November 1968

  1. That a school of Ethnic Studies for the ethnic groups involved in the Third World be set up with the students in each particular ethnic organization having the authority and control of the hiring and retention of any faculty member, director and administrator, as well as the curriculum in a specific area study.

  2. That fifty (50) faculty positions be appropriated to the School of Ethnic Studies, 20 of which would be for the Black Studies Program.

  3. That in the Spring semester, the college fulfill its commitment to the nonwhite students in admitting those that apply.

  4. That, in the Fall of 1969, all applications of nonwhite students be accepted.

  5. That George Murray, and any other facult person chosen by nonwhite people as their teacher, be retained in their position.


American Federation of Teachers (AFT) Local 1352 Demands, December, 1968

  1. Strike Issues Directed to the President and Administration at San Francisco State College:

    1. Negotiation of and adoption of comprehensive rules and regulations governing:

      1. Grievance procedures related to faculty affairs.

      2. Personnel decisions (hiring, firing, tenure, promotion, demotion, 7suspension, lay-off).

      3. Conditions under which pay can be reduced or docked.

      4. Sick leave and other fringe benefits.

      5. Unit and class load assignments for full and part-time faculty.

      6. Stipulation of prerogatives and delineation of authority at various administrative levels.

      7. Guidelines and standards for professional perquisites (sabbaticals, travel, research leaves).

      8. Faculty involvement in decisions on academic matters (curriculum selection, assignment of faculty and staff, grading, graduation requirements, determination of calendar, admission requirements).

      9. Faculty involvement in decisions governing all local administrative matters (office space, parking).

      10. Recovery of faculty positions bootlegged for administrative purposes.

    2. Protection of Constitutional Rights

      1. Amnesty for all faculty, students, and staff who have been suspended or have been subject to other disciplinary action and/or arrested, and withdrawal of outstanding warrants as a result of activity to end racism at San Francisco State College.

      2. No disciplinary action for exercising constitutionally protected rights. 7

    3. Black Students Union and Third World Liberation Front grievances must be resolved and implementation assured.

    4. All agreements on the above to be reduced to a written contract.

  2. Strike Issues Directed to the Trustees of the California State Colleges:

    1. All agreements made with the local administrations under (1) above shall be binding upon and accepted by the Trustees.

    2. Sufficient funds shall be provided from current reserve and emergency funds to:

      1. Maintain the present faculty positions (this will prevent the lay-off of 100-125 faculty in the Spring Semester, 1969).

      2. Gain new positions to replace those given by various departments and schools to staff a Black Studies Department and a School of Ethnic Studies.

      3. Protect the revised work loads presently scheduled in many departments for Spring, 1969, and assure the same for everyone who requests it.

    3. Rescission of the ten disciplinary rules passed by the Trustees on November 26, 1968.

    4. Approval of the Student Union plan presented by the Associated Students at San Francisco State College.

    5. Cancellation of proposed changes in Title 5 that would take away student control of student body funds.

    6. Recognition of college constitution that emerges from the Constitutional Convention called by the Academic Senate at San Francisco State College.

  3. Strike Issues Directed to the Governor and the Legislature:

    1. That a special joint committee of the California State Assembly and Senate be appointed to conduct negotiations with the State College Board of Trustees and the Union to agree on systematic and continuing financing for the proposals under I and II above and to provide the necessary increases in salary required to maintain a qualified faculty at San Francisco State College.

    2. That when the special Legislative Committee, the Board of Trustees, and the Union have reached agreement, the Committee report to the next session of the Legislature so that nece$sary monies may be provided to put the agreement into effect.


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