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Background & Context Articles

Delta Ministry, CRMVets History & Timeline
Issues of Poverty, Exploitation, and Economic Justice, CRMVets History & Timeline
Mississippi Freedom Labor Union, CRMVets History & Timeline
Poor Peoples Corporations, Cooperatives, & Quilting Bees, CRMVets History & Timeline
Poor Peoples Corporation, CRMVets History & Timeline
Mississippi Economics ~ Mississippi's New Image, unsigned, undated
A Congressman Speaks about Mississippi, MFDP, and Delta Ministry, Unsigned, MFDP. 2/9/66


Poverty & War on Poverty Related Documents

1963SNCC Fourth Annual Conference on Food and Jobs, William Mahoney, Bobbi Yancy, Courtland Cox, Michael Thelwell, E. Charles Brown. November 1963
1963Report of the Resolutions Committe ~ Fourth Annual Conference on Food and Jobs, Unsigned SNCC. December 1963
64? 65?ARA Can Help You, Guyot & Ponder, SNCC/COFO. Undated
64? 65?The Farmers Home Administration, Guyot & Ponder, SNCC/COFO. Undated
1965Discussions at Mt. Beulah Poor Peoples Meetings, Charlie Cobb, SNCC. February 9 1965
1966Fact Sheet: Background on poor peoples' use of Greenville AFB, Unsigned, Delta Ministry. 1966
1966?Mississippi: Two Worlds, undated. Delta Ministry.
1966Statement Issued from the Greenville Air Force Base, Unsigned Poor Peoples Conference. January 31, 1966
1966Greenville Air Base: What Happened and Why (MS), Delta Ministry Reports. February 1966
1966Warehousemen job description (for employement program), Unsigned MFDP. February 1966
1966Do You Make Under $3,000 Per Year? (flyer about the poverty program), undated (possibly 1966 or 1967) Unsigned
1967Letter to OEO office re local board structure, Earl Davis, Amzie Moore. April 14 1967


Freedom Labor Union Documents

See Mississippi Freedom Labor Union for background.

1964A Union That Really Was One, Donald Grubbs, CFL. 1964
1965  Mississippi Freedom Labor Union (From SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference)
1965Mississippi Freedom Labor Union Pledge, 1965.
1965Report re Shaw, Mississippi: New Sounds in the Delta, MS, unsigned, SNCC
1965Memo to Friends of SNCC re Mississippi Freedom Labor Union, Margaret Lauren, SNCC. June 9, 1965
1965September 4 1965 Materials.
 MFLU Minutes of State-wide Meeting
 MFLU Draft Constitution
 MFLU, Report From George Shelton
 MFLU Financial Report
 MFLU Contact List
 MFLU State Office, (Probably sent to northern supporters)
1965An Appeal From the Mississippi Freedom Labor Union, undated.
1965Cotton Workers Form Labor Union. SNCC press release, November 1965.
1965Mississippi Freedom Labor Union. Flyer, 1965.
1965MFLU Report. 1965? As reprinted from Black Protest: 350 Years of History, Documents, and Analyses, by Joanne Grant.
1965Revolt in the Delta, Alvin Rapp? 1965?
1965Memo to Friends of SNCC, Mary Hawkins, MFLU. October, 1965.
1965Dear friends, report on MFLU, George Shelton Jr, MFLU State Office. Undated 1965
1965Letter announcing Tennessee Freedom Labor Union, Signatures illegible. August 27 1965
1965Mississippi Freedom Labor Union, George Shelton, MFLU. Undated 1965
65?Note to Friends of SNCC. 1965? 1966?
1966News Summary, Friends of SNCC, March, 1966.
1966Memo to Northern Offices, Margaret Lauren. Re MFLU problems. 1966?
1966Freedom City — What It Is and How It Got Started, Delta Ministry fund raising brochure.
1966We Have No Government. Isaac Foster, Unita Blackwell, Ida Mae Lawrence, Rev. Arthur Thomas. MFLU press conference transcript reprinted in Race and Economics. 1966?
1966Fact Sheet: Sunflower County Project and Mississippi Freedom Labor Union, unsigned, undated.
1966We Have No Government, Delta Ministry testimony re occupation of Greenville Air Force Base. Isaac Foster, Unita Blackwell, Ida Mae Lawrence. 2/1/66
1967Letter to Amzie Moore re Mississippi Freedom Labor Union, Coleman Miller. NFSNC. June 26, 1967

Woodcutters Union Documents

1968Anger in the Southern Pines (SCEF pamphlet), Steve Martin, SCEF GROW Project.
1968Mississippi Woodcutters are Getting it Together; They Need Your Help, SCEF. Undated 1968
1968Support for Gulfcoast Pulpwood Assoc. strike, Jerry DeMuth, SNCC. Undated 1968
????SCEF Speakers, undated (probably early 1970s)
1972Woodcutter Slavery, by Fred Walters undated (probably 1970) MS


Hunger-Related Documents

1964What You Should Know About: Surplus Food Programs, unsigned NSF, distributed by CORE.
1965What Happens to All the Surplus Food?, Freedom Information Service flyer, late '64 or early '65.
1965?Fight for Food for Freedom, (Delta Ministry?) 1964? 1965?
1965?There is Enough Food, (Delta Ministry?) 1965?
1966Counties Participating in All Needy Surplus Food Program, Unsigned MFDP. February 1966
1968Southern Rural Research Project First Annual Report, Don Jelinek, SRRP. May 1968
1965Report of the Resolutions Committee, SNCC "Jobs and Food" Leadership Conference. November 1965


Child Development Group of Mississippi (CDGM)

1966Child Development Group of Mississippi, Histories of Children, Employees, Centers, Community Support, Sept. 1966.
1966How to Get Food Money for Your Center, 1966. Hand-drawn training material.
1967The Delta Speaks - About the Power Structure and O.E.O, Daisy Lewis, Director Holmes County MS Community Center, undated.


Co-Ops & Related Documents

1964What You Should Know About: How Farmer Coops Can Help You, unsigned NSF, distributed by CORE.
1964What You Should Know About: Farmers Home Administration Loans, unsigned NSF, distributed by CORE.
1964Memo re Mississippi Farmers League, Jesse Morris, COFO. Undated 1964
1964Farmers, Attention, Unsigned, COFO. February, 1964
1965Memo to Friends of SNCC Regarding the Poor People's Corporartion, Unsigned, SNCC. July 16 1965
1965Something of Our Own — Part I and Part II, Maria Varela, SNCC & West Batesville Farmers Cooperative. December 1965
1965?An Example of How the Poor Peoples Corporatio Might Work. Unsigned, SNCC? Undated (possibly 1965)
1966Poor Peoples Fund, letter & brochure. 1966.
1966Liberty House sales catalog, Jesse Morris, Poor Peoples Corporation. 2/16/66
1966Letter to the President (re Greenville AFB occupation and poverty in Mississippi), Martin Luther King, SCLC. August 10, 1966
1966Fact Sheet: The Poor People's Corporation, unsigned, undated.
1967Mound Bayou stock subscription agreement, Amzie Moore, NAACP. June 13 1967


Welfare Rights Related Documents

1962Notice: Revocation of welfare benefits Bolivar County MS. October 26, 1962
1964Notice: Revocation of welfare benefits Bolivar County MS. May 14, 1964
1965Old age assistance denied Bolivar Co. MS Department of Welfare. January 8, 1965
1966Your Welfare Rights, Marian Wright, LDF. Undated (possibly 1965 or 1966)
1966Mississippi Welfare Rights Handbook, Marian Wright, LDF. 70-page large file. Undated (probably '65 or 66)
1966Eligibility for Welfare in Mississippi (Summary Form & work sheets), Marian Wright, LDF, Bruce Hartford, SCLC. 1966
1966Poor Peoples Committee Report, Bruce Hartford, SCLC. December 6 1966
1967Poor Peoples Committee Report, Bruce Hartford, SCLC. January 4, 1967

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