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For Students

This website is about the Civil Rights Movement of 1951-1968. Many of us who were active in the Civil Rights Movement prefer to call it the "Southern Freedom Movement." Whatever name you use, this was the period of protests and political struggles in the South to win freedom from race-based oppression and exploitation, end racial segregation, and win voting rights for all regardless of race. Almost everything on this site was written by a veteran of the Southern Freedom Movement. This is where we who were there tell it like it was in our own words.

While students are welcome and encouraged to use all parts of this site, the following sections may be the most useful to you:

  • Speakers List. List of veterans willing to speak, or to answer email questions about the movement.

  • History & Timeline. Chronological listing and description of Southern Freedom Movement events.

  • Photo Album. Photos from the Southern Freedom Movement.

  • The Movement. Articles and background information about aspects of the Movement and major Movement events.

  • Our Stories. Personal stories, narratives, interview transcripts, and memories of individual freedom fighters.

  • Our Thoughts. Articles, essays, analyses, etc, about the Freedom Movement and current events by Movement veterans.

  • Web Links. Links to other Civil Rights Movement websites.

  • Bibliography. Listing of books about the Freedom Movement.

  • Movement FAQ. Frequently Asked Questions and answers about the Movement.

The copyright for most of the material on this website is owned by us. Students are welcome to use our material for non-commercial, educational purposes. Where appropriate, we request that you cite this website as the source of material that you use.

Note that the copyrights to some articles, and almost all of the photographs, are not owned by this website but rather by the original author or photographer, and we have no authority over those copyrights. See Privacy & Copyrights for more information.

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