Civil Rights Movement
Letters & Field Reports
SCLC's SCOPE Projects, 1965

Orientation, Atlanta GA
Letter to Campus Pastor About SCOPE Orientation Week. Janet Wolfe
Selma Newsletter, July 9, 1965.
Economic Conditions in Greenville, Alabama, Rev. Dr. Janet E. Wolfe
Confrontation with Authorities in Greenville, AL, Rev. Dr. Janet E. Wolfe
Report From Crenshaw County Alabama, late June or early July, 1965.
Letter to Justice Department re Denial of Voting Rights, James Kolb, Crenshaw Co., Aug or Sept 1965
Incident Report, Barbour County. Unsigned
Letter to Bruce Hartford, Havard Richburg, Crenshaw County Voters League. September 1965.
Log: Pike County, Alabama, Frechettia Ford and Ned Moore.
Diary of an Alabama volunteer (Barbour Co. 1965)
Henry County Freedom Banner, September 1965. Alabama.
Letter From Henry County, September 1965. Alabama. Mike Bibler, Jo Freeman, Eddie Sanders
Butler County SCOPE Project.
Telephone Report From Barbour County, July 29, 1965.
Letter From Movement Boot Camp, Maria Gitin, Atlanta
Letter From Wilcox County, Maria Gitin
Happy 4th of July 1965, Maria Gitin, Wilcox Co. AL
Sim Pettway, Student Civil Rights Leader, Maria Gitin, Wilcox Co.
Report From Wilcox Co. SCOPE Project, July 6, 1965. Rev. John Worcester, SCOPE.
Letter to the editor criticizing Paul Good article in NY Times, John Williams, Ethel Brooks, Rev. John Worcester, SCLC/SCOPE. July 18 1965
Report From Clarke County, SCOPE, July 29, 1965
Field report from Pike County, Ned Moore. Undated (probably late July)
SCOPE Program in Albany (problems & solutions, general reports, etc.)
Report of Dougherty County, Rev. Samuel Wells, SCLC. July 1, 1965
Report on Albany Georgia, Barbara Pfeffer Fishman. July 17, 1965
Letter from Denny Lienau, re Macon & Americus GA. August 1965
Letter From a SCOPE Volunteer, Willy Leventhal
Reports From Crawfordville GA, May-Oct. Clarke, Luther, Barber & Swan, SCLC
North Carolina
Transcript of 1965 Journal, Peter Buck, Volunteer
South Carolina
Newberry County SC SCOPE Newsletter, July 28, 1965
Summer Highlights, Newberry County SC. AFSC, July 31, 1965
Letter requesting freedom pins, Sherie Holbrook, SCOPE. August 21 1965
Field Report: Voting Rights March, Bill Monnie, SCOPE. Lunenberg, VA. July 29-August 4, 1965
Letter Home (VA) Phillip McKenna, SCOPE. August 10, 1965.
The New Virginia, newsletter of Virginia Students Civil Rights Committee, Sept 1965.
UCSB SCOPE Project 1965 (Sussex County, VA)
Northern SCOPE Chapters
Letter From Colby College SCOPE chapter, September 28, 1965

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