Articles & Speeches
by Civil Rights Movement Veterans
Summer Community Organization and Political Education
(SCOPE) Project, 1965-66

In the summer of 1965, hundreds of northern volunteers — mostly though not entirely white — join southern Blacks to work on SCLC's Summer Community Organization & Political Education project. Working in six southern states, they register voters and help local leaders build Black-led community organizations. Some SCOPE project activity continued on into 1966. Though warned of the dangers they would face they came anyway to counties in Virginia, North & South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, and Alabama.

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SCOPE Summer Project

SCOPE Articles by Freedom Movement Veterans

Peter Buck:Transcript of 1965 Journal, Barbour Co. AL
Larry Butler:Short History of the Freedom Movement in Barbour County, AL
Larry Butler:Diary of an Alabama SCOPE Volunteer
Ford & Moore:SCOPE Log: Pike County, AL
Lynn Goldberg:Diary of a Young Civil Rights Worker, Calhoun Co, SC
Maria Gitin:SCLC/SCOPE Project, Wilcox County, AL
Lanny Kaufer:UCSB SCOPE Project, Sussex County, VA
Willy Siegel Leventhal:SCOPE Project Overview

Remembrances of the SCOPE Project

Peter Buck:Journal of a SCOPE Volunteer Summer, 1965
Larry Scott Butler:Short History Freedom Movement in Barbour County, AL
Maria Gitin: Story From Wilcox County, AL
Letter From Wilcox County, AL
Lynn Goldberg: Diary of a Young Civil Rights Worker
Bruce Hartford: SCOPE — Crenshaw County Alabama
Rural Alabama Sit-in
Dave's Driving Lesson
Showdown in Brantley
Lanny Kaufer: UCSB SCOPE Project Summer, 1965-66: Sussex County, VA
Sherie Labedis: Fireball in the Night
Vincent K. Pollard:Veterans Roll Call Statement
Neil Reichline:Veterans Roll Call Statement
Richard Stephenson:Veterans Roll Call Statement
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