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Agriculture Stabilization & Conservation Service (ASCS) Elections

See ASCS Elections — Struggle for Economic Survival and subsequent articles for background information (CRMVet History & Timeline).

See also Articles About the ASCS Elections

[The Agriculture Stabilization & Conservation Service (ASCS) was an agency of the United States Department of Agriculture. Among other programs, it distributed cash crop subsidies, assigned acreage allotments, and made price-support and land-conversion loans to farmers who grew cotton, corn, tobacco, peanuts, and so on. Under the ASCS system, farmers in each county elected a committee that divided up the money and acreage allotments amongst them. Historically, Blacks in the Deep South were exlcuded from these elections, and the all-white committees denied Black farmers their fair share — enriching white farmers at the expense of Blacks. In the mid-1960s freedom organizations such as SNCC, CORE and COFO began organizing Black farmers to vote in, and run candidates for, the ASCS elections.]

1964   Cotton Vote in Mississippi, COFO report.
1964What You Should Know About: Acreage Allotment Programs, unsigned NSF, distributed by CORE. Undated
1964ASCS Committee elections, Jane Adams, COFO Federal Programs, Mr. Sullivan (ASCS). October 27 1964
1964Clarke County (MS) Freedom Gazette, Results of the ASCS Elections, CORE. 12/7/64
1964? 65?Do the Farm Programs in Your Area Discriminate? CORE? Undated, probably 1965
64? '65? ASCS organizing handbook, unsigned, MFDP. Undated (probably either late 1964 or late 1965)
1965SNCC Memo on ASCS Elections (From SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference)
1965? 66?ASCS Flyer #1, Mississippi.
1965? 66?ASCS Flyer #2, Mississippi.
1965? 66?ASCS Elections, Mississippi. (Primer)
1965 CORE contact list of Louisiana ASCS offices, June 1965
1965 CORE ASCS Election Flyer, Lousiana.
1965Note to Dan, re ASCS elections (LA). Herman "Slick" Carter, CORE. Undated (probably May or June 1965)
1965Agriculture Stabilization & Conservation Service (ASCS) Report, United States Commission on Civil Rights. Unsigned (possibly a summary prepared by CORE). June, 1965
1965Questions Concerning Local and Parish ASC Committees..., (LA). Unsigned CORE. Undated (probably May or June 1965)
1965Memo re Louisianna ASCS parish elections, Herman "Slick" Carter, CORE. Undated 1965 (probably June or July)
65? 66?ASC Elections, unsigned, CORE (Louisiana?). Undated (probably 1964-1967)
66? 67? ASCS Organizers Handbook, Author unknown.
1966 Report on ASCS Election in Marshall & Desoto Counties, Rita Walker, SNCC (MS)
1966     How to Lose an ASCS Election Right and Left, Unsigned. Report on the 1966 ASCS election in Hinds County MS.
1966 Report and Observation of the Perry (County) ASCS Election, Albert Turner, SCLC. September, 1966
1967 How Our Machine Can Win the Elections, MFDP. May 1967, Manual for ASCS Election Block Captains
1967ASCS Election Flyer, Hinds County MS.
1967Farm Programs: FHA, FES, ASCS, SRRP
1967Dear Friend ASCS election notice, William Seabron. Dept. of Agriculture. August 2, 1967
1967Black Farm Families — Hunger & Malnutrition in Rural Alabama, SRRP
1967The Extinction of the Black Farmer in Alabama, SRRP

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