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This page provides links to Civil Rights Movement Archive resources that have significant content related to the Freedom Struggle in Georgia.

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Georgia Movement: Articles & Speeches
Georgia Movement: Documents, Field Reports & Letters
Georgia Movement: Interviews, Stories & Oral-Histories
Georgia Movement: Commentaries & Analyses by Movement Veterans
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Georgia Movement: Photos

Georgia on My Mind

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Georgia Movement: History Articles

Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) Founded (Jan)

SCLC Crusade for Citizenship, 1957-1960

Atlanta Police Murder of Joseph Jeter (Sept)

Atlanta Sit-ins (Mar-Oct)

Savannah Sit-ins & Boycott (1960-62)

Dr. King, JFK, and the 1960 Election (Oct-Nov)

University of Georgia Desegregated (Jan)

Albany GA, Movement (Oct 1961-Aug 1962)

Savannah Boycott Victory (Oct)

Operation Breadbasket — SCLC

Savannah GA, Movement (June-Dec)

Americus GA Movement & "Seditious Conspiracy" (July-Aug)

Federal "Jury Tampering" Frameup in Albany GA (Aug)

SNCC Meets Kenyan Freedom Fighter in Atlanta (Dec)

Atlanta Sit-ins & Mass Arrests (Dec-Feb)

Lemuel Penn Murdered (July)

Integrating Americus High School (Fall)

Hoover Attempts to Destroy Dr. King (Nov-Dec)

Scripto Strike, Atlanta (Nov-Dec)

Heart of Atlanta Motel v. United States (Dec)

Americus GA Protests (July)

Crawfordville GA School Bus Struggle (Jun-Oct)

Vietnam and the Draft: Taking a Stand

Julian Bond Denied Seat in GA Legislature (Jan)


Georgia Movement: Articles & Speeches

Albany & Southwest Georgia Articles & Speeches Collection

Howard Zinn, (analyzing the December 1961 events) January 1962
       Albany, (34-page typed version)
       Albany, SRC Report
       Albany: A Study in National Responsibility, SRC pamphlet

Eyewitness in Albany, Charles Sherrod, SNCC. Undated (probably 1962)

The American Dilemma in Miniature, Albany, Georgia, Wyatt Tee Walker, SCLC. March 1963.

Albany, Georgia, Vincent Harding & Staughton Lynd. Crises, 1963.

The Bloody Battleground of Albany, Slater King. Freedomways, 1964.

Gambler's Choice in Georgia (C.B. King campaign), Peter de Lissovoy. Nation.

This Little Light: Moments in a Southern Town, Peter de Lissovoy. Nation.

Untold Story: Justice Denied (Americus & Leesburg stockade), Dr. Shirley Green-Reese. 2015.


Georgia Movement: Documents, Field Reports & Letters

Georgia Literacy Tests & Voter Applications

Albany & Southwest GA Movement Documents Collection

Southwest Georgia Letters & Reports Collection


Georgia Movement: Interviews, Stories & Oral-Histories

UnidentifiedThe New Barbarians re Southwest Georgia (1963)
Randy BattleThe Great Pool Jump.. (Albany, GA)
 Grocers and Groceries; Charlie Ware; and 'Gator Johnson Georgia
 Driving for Attorney C.B. King Georgia
 Memories of Stokely Carmichael Georgia
 An Education; A Memory of Stokely Georgia
 A Dispute over a Bull Georgia
Don HarrisOral History (SW Georgia)
Faith HolsaertInterview re SW Georgia (1991)
 Interview re SW Georgia (1991)
 Letter re Movement experience (1991)
 Oral history interview re Cambridge MD & SW Georgia, with Jean Smith-Young (1993)
 Oral history interview, re Cambridge MD & SW Georgia (1994)
 Interview by high school students re Cambridge MD & SW Georgia (2012)
Terry V. HowardSCLC and Me, power-point presentation about the movement in Taliaferro Co. Georgia
Lonnie KingOral History Georgia 64-page transcript
 Atlanta Student Movement Timeline
 Remembering the Atlanta Student Movement of 1960
 Interview (2005)
 Interview, by Emilye Crosby, re Atlanta movement & SNCC (2013)
 Interview by Gregg Ivers re Atlanta Student Movement and sit-ins. 2018
Peter de LissovoyAlbany GA in 1963 (Southwest GA)
 "Outside Agitator" and Other Terms of the Times Georgia
 A Confrontation Georgia
 Remembering C. B. King's Campaign for Congress Georgia
 Hunger Strike, Albany, Georgia, 1963
Larry MamiyaSNCC, SIM, and the Southwest Georgia Project Georgia
Bob MantsDon't Stick Your Nose in Other Folks Business re Georgia & Alabama (1988)
Grace MillerInterview by Will Griffin, re the movement in Baker Co. Georgia (2013)
Perdew & BattleEvents in Dawson and Americus, Georgia (2005)
John PerdewAmericus, GA: Sheriff Fred Chapell and "Slappy"
Shirley Green-ReeseHidden Behind Bars — 52 Year Ago Georgia
Dennis RobertsStories of Southwest Georgia & C.B. King (multiple stories)
 Stories of SNCC Members & the Military Draft
 Journal: Southwest Georgia, Summer 1963
Shirley Miller SherrodInterview by Joseph Mosnier, re SNCC & the movement in Baker Co. Georgia (2011)
Walter TillowInterview by David Cline re SNCC & Georgia (2011)


Georgia Movement: Commentaries & Analyses by Movement Veterans

Joan BrowningConflicting Memories of the ... Albany Movement, 2000
Courtland CoxLetter to the Family of Charles Sherrod, 2014
Terry V. HowardSCLC & Me (Taliaferro Co. GA movement)
Peter de LissovoyReading "Ferguson" in Faulkner's Intruder in the Dust, 2014
Sam MahoneRemembering John Perdew (1942-2014), 2014
Penny PatchThoughts on Freedom Songs, 2016
Peggy Trotter Dammond PreacelyFrom Georgia and Virginia to Harlem and Beyond..., 2022 
Stephen SaltonstallReview of The Great Pool Jump: & Other Stories ... SW Georgia, 2008
Annette Jones WhiteHoward Zinn: Remembered and Missed, 2016


Georgia Movement: Film and Video

Rev. Joseph and Aletha Boone Interview by Carole Merritt. Re Atlanta Student Movement, Rush Memorial Congregational Church, Atlanta school desegregation. 58min.

Xerona Clayton Interview by Carole Merritt. Re Atlanta civil rights movement, Ku Klux Klan, Dr. King. 58min.

Morris Dillard Interview, by Carole Merritt. Re Atlanta Student Movement and Freedom Rides, 60min.

Lydia Douglas Interview, by Carole Merritt. Re Atlanta Student Movement, Committee on the Appeal for Human Rights, sit-ins and arrest. 60min.

Pearlie Dove Interview by Carole Merritt. Re Equal pay for Black teachers, segregated education in Atlanta. 56min.

Jesse Hill Interview, by Carole Merritt. NAACP 1950s voter registration activist, desegregation in Atlanta, founder Black newspaper Atlanta Inquirer, mobilized business support of the movement. 2005. 59min.

Lonnie King Interview, Atlanta Student Movement. By Gregg Ivers, 2018. 61min. Transcript.

Muriel Lokey Interview by Carole Merritt. Re support for Atlanta school desegregation. 42min.

Portia Harden Potts Interview by Carole Merritt. One of the first African American students to desegregate schools in Atlanta, GA. 2006. 48min.

Peggy Trotter Dammond Preacely From Georgia and Virginia to Harlem and Beyond..., a video poem for Black History month, 2022. 4min. Transcription.

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