Civil Rights Movement Documents
Madison County Movement (Canton) MS, 1963-1966

1963Report on Canton, Mississippi, David Dennis. 1963
1963Report: Committee on Registration Education, Annie Moody, George Raymond, Jean Thompson, CORE. August 9, 1963
1964? Negroes of Canton Register to Vote, Unsigned, CORE. Undated possibly 1964
1964Hold On, boycott flyer, Canton MS. Unsigned Madison County Movement & CORE. Undated, January 1964
1964? Black Out in Canton, Unsigned, CORE. Undated probably 1964
1964New City Law "Anti_circular" ordinance, unsigned Madison County Movement & CORE. January 21 1964
1964? Confidential from Canton, Unsigned, CORE. Undated possibly January 1964
1964Another arrest in Canton, David Dennis, CORE. January 24 1964
1964Canton Story, Unsigned, CORE. January 1964
1964Police harassment and brutality in Canton, David Dennis, COFO. January 30 1964
1964Chronology of Recent Events in Canton MS, Unsigned, SNCC. February 4, 1964
1964Suggestions for Helping Carole Merritt, Unsigned, CORE. February 8 1964
1964Affadavit re police repression, Henry of Lee Chinn, CORE. February 17 1964
1964Report on Canton, Edward Hollander, CORE. February 26 1964
1964Observer Ministers to Canton, Unsigned, CORE. February 26 1964
1964Statement of George Raymond on Freedom Day in Canton, George Raymond, CORE. February 28 1964
1964 Students's demands in Canton, The students of Rogers High. March 1 1964
1964Students absent from Canton schools, D.M. Allen. March 2 1964
1964List of "Negroes" who tried to register to vote in Canton MS on March 5, 1964. A.L. Hopkins, Mississippi Sovereignity Commission.
1964 Canton Weekly Report, Unsigned CORE staff. March 15 1964
1964 Canton Arrest, John Newman, COFO. March 21 1964
1964 Canton Weekly Report, Unsigned CORE staff. March 22 1964
1964 The Police Town: Canton, George Raymond, CORE, Rev. J.J. McRee, Madison County Movement. June 1964
1964? Convention, Madison County MS. Unsigned CORE or COFO? Undated (probably 1963-1966)
1964? Letter to Annell Ponder re Canton MS matters undated. From Tom Manoff
1964 An impromptu report on Canton, MS, Ed Hollander, CORE. May 13 1964
1964List of "Negroes" who tried to register to vote on Freedom Day, May 29 1964 in Canton MS. A.L. Hopkins, Mississippi Sovereignity Commission.
1964Madison County MS monthly budget, Unsigned, CORE. 1964
1964 Outline of Committee Work, Madison County Movement. MS. Unsinged, CORE/COFO. June 1964.
1964List of people arrested in Canton MS, June 1964. City of Canton document.
1964 Canton Mississippi preparations for Freedom Summer. Unsigned CORE/COFO. June 29, 1964
1964? Madison County Delegates from Ridley Hill (handwritten). Unsigned. Undated (possibly July 25, 1964 convention)
1964Resolution, Beat 3, Madison County Convention MS. Unsigned CORE or COFO? Undated (probably July 25, 1964)
1964 Madison County Movement leadership structure. Unsigned, CORE/COFO/MFDP. Undated. Presumed to be outcome of July 25th convention.
1964Letter to Annie Devine re need for a speaker (LA), Richard Haley, CORE. September 1 1964
1964Statement from parents of Canton Negro students
1964Letter to Mr. Haley re freedom rally (MS), Annie Devine, COFO. September 9 1964
1965?Letter to the mayor of Canton, Citizens of Madison County. Undated (probably 1965)
1965Madison County Sewing Firm, Maggie Douglas, MCSF. Undated 1965
1965?An Overview of the Reading Process, Unsigned, CORE. Undated (probably 1965)
1965Canton Freedom Library - Negro History and Life, Unsigned, SNCC. Undated (probably 1965)
1965 Canton MS Report, George Raymond, CORE. January 1965
1965White Community - Fact Sheet, Unsigned, CORE. February 6 1965
1965 Report: CORE Canton Project, (MS) Unsigned, CORE. February 7 1965
1965Fact Sheet on Voter Registration and Fredom Days, Unsigned, CORE. February 7 1965
1965Fact Sheet on School Boycott and School Integration, Unsigned, CORE. February 7 1965
1965Memorandum, Eva Levy, CORE. March 11 1965
1965 Staff Discussions, Canton COFO Office, April 2
64? 65? Report on Thomastown High School, Madison County Voters League, CORE. Undated (possibly 1964 or 1965)
1966 Canton Blackout (boycott) flyers, June 1966
1966?Madison County picket line sign-in sheet (handwritten). Unsigned. Undated (possibly June of 1966)

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