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September 30 — Freedom Movement Story Telling, Berkeley, CA

New Book: Mississippi's Exiled Daughter, by Brenda Travis with John Obee. Story of Brenda Travis, whose 1961 arrest as a teenager helped galvanize opposition to racial discrimination in Mississippi. New South Books, June 2018.

June 22-23 — 54th Annual Mississippi Martyrs Service & Caravan for Justice, Neshoba County, Mississippi

March 1-3, 2018 — Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement 13th Anniversary Conference, Jackson MS



June 23rd-24th — 53rd Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs Memorial Service, Caravan, Conference and March for Justice. Neshoba County, Mississippi

March 29-April 2 —  12th Annual Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Conference,
Tougaloo College, Jackson, MS.

Support needed for Freedom Riders based on the CORE & SNCC rides of 1961 which is set to premier off-Broadway in New York in early August with the goal of bringing the message of Nonviolent Direct Action to younger generations.


June 16, and other dates to be determined.
50th Anniversary of Call for Black Power.
Events to be held in Atlanta, GA, Houston, Dallas, San Antonio and Austin, TX; Newark, NJ; Lowndes County, AL; and other cities. More details to come.

August 18 — John Lewis Event, San Francisco. Meet the Creators of The March Trilogy

October 7 — Commemoration of 55th Anniversary of the Burglund High School Walkout
McComb, Mississippi

The 50th Commemoration of the March Against Fear and the Call for Black Power

Monday, June 6, 2016 - Hernando, Mississippi
Wednesday, June 15, 2106 - Grenada, Mississippi
Thursday, June 16, 2016 - Greenwood, Mississippi
Tuesday, June 21, 2016 - Sunflower Mississippi
Thursday, June 23, 2016 - Canton, Mississippi
Saturday, June 25, 2016 - Tougaloo College, Mississippi

June 17-18 —  52th Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs Memorial Service, Caravan, Conference and March for Justice Neshoba County, Mississippi

June 18 — Memorial for Wazir Peacock, Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement. Oakland, CA

June 19-22 —  6th National Civil Rights Conference, Meridian/Philadelphia, Mississippi.

July 24 — Public memorial for Wazir Peacock hosted by Self Realization Fellowship. Self Realization Fellowship Temple, 3201 Shattuck Ave Berkeley, CA

March 30-April 2 —  11th Annual Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Conference.
Tougaloo College, Jackson, MS.

Feb 25-27 —  "Come, Let Us Build A New World Together: 50 Years after the Mississippi Summer Project."
Three-Day Conference. Chicago SNCC History Project. Chicago, IL.


Congressional Gold Medals for Freedom Riders H.R. 671.
Oct 1-4 — SCLC/SCOPE 50th Anniversary Reunion, Atlanta, GA

June 19-21 — Annual Mississippi ... Conference & March for Justice, Neshoba Co.

April 11 — Past & Present: A Gathering With Freedom Movement Veterans, Stanford Univ. CA

March 18-21 — Veterans of the Mississippi CRM Conference. Jackson, MS

March 5-9 — 50th Anniversary of Selma "Bloody Sunday," Selma, Alabama

     Selma 50th

     Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee


Oct. 11-14 — Freedom Summer Conference Miami Univ, Oxford, OH

Oct. 19-21 — Remembering Freedom Summer... Conference, MSU, Starkville, MS

Sept. 29 — Freedom Summer 50th Conference, Univ. Rhode Island, Kingston, RI

Mississippi Freedom Summer 50th Anniversary Commemorations in June:

June 14, 21, 29 — McComb 50 Years Later

June 19-21 — Hattiesburg —

June 21-22 — Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs..., Neshoba Co.

June 25-29 — Freedom 50, Freedom Summer 1964-2014, Jackson, MS.

June 26-28 — Sunflower County —

June 27-28 — Meridian — Barbara Kidd,

June 21-23 — Freedom Summer & Beyond CORE. New Orleans, LA

July 1 — Grand Opening 1960s Civil Rights Museum, St. Augustine, FL

April 5 — Freedom Movement Retrospective Assessment. Oakland, CA

March 5-8 — Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Conference. Jackson, MS

March 6-9 — Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee. Selma, AL


April-Aug — Book Author Seeks Stories & Memories

Aug 23-24 — 50th Anniv. Americus-Sumter County Movement

Aug 24 — National Action to Realize the Dream March (Washington DC)

Aug 22-28 — March on Washington Commemoration (Washington DC)

Aug 26 — Let Freedom Ring MoW Commenoration, (Palo Alto, CA)

Aug 27-28 — 50th Anniversary of March on Washington (Washington DC)

June 5-11 — 50th Anniversary Commemoration of Medgar Evers, Jackson MS & Washington DC

June 20 — Thunder of Freedom in Holms Co. MS. Washington, DC

June 21-22 — Annual Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs Memorial Conference, Neshoba County

May 11 — Mother's Day Concert Againt Gun Violence, New York City

March-April — PBS Seeks Freedom Summer Material

April 30-May 1 — Freedom Riders for Voting Rights (Alabama & Mississippi)

       Never Forget, Never Again Pilgramage Schedule

March — BBC Seeks March on Washington Material

March 9 — Save Our African American Treasures, Albany, GA

March 20-23 — Veterans of Mississippi Civil Rights Movement Conference, Jackson, MS.

        Conference Program

Feb 22 — Tribute to Fay Bellamy, Atlanta, GA

Feb 27 — We Won't Go Back Rally, Washington, DC (re Voting Rights Act)

Feb 28 — Jimmy Travis Symposium, Jackson/Tougaloo, MS


December 10 — Celebrating the Life of Lawrence Guyot, Tougaloo College, Jackson, MS.

October 18-21 — SisterAll 4, Atlanta, GA

October 5 — Fannie Lou Hamer Statue Unveiling, Ruleville, MS

July 2 — Freedom Trail Luncheon, St. Augustine, FL

June 22-24 — 48th Annual Mississippi Memorial Service & Conference, Neshoba County, MS

May 9 — We The People: Freedom Summer, Tougaloo College, Jackson, MS.

Mar 21-24 — Mississippi Civil Rights Veterans Conference. Jackson, MS


Nominate Charles & Shirley Sherrod for Presidential Medal of Freedom

Oct 22 — Telling the Story, Chicago SNCC, Chicago

Oct 27 — From Brown (1954) to Brown (1963), Hofstra Univ, NY. (Flyer)

Oct 8 — 50th Anniversary Burgland High Walkout [PDF] (McComb, MS)

Sept 17 — Concert Celebrating Life & Music of Matthew Jones [PDF] New York City

July 9 — Sit-ins, Freedom Rides, and Beyond..., Little Rock, AR

July 23 — Americus-Sumter Co. Movements Remembered (Flyer) [PDF], Americus, GA

June 1-4 — S.W. Georgia Project 50th Anniv. Reunion, Albany, GA

June 18-19 — Mississippi Civil Rights Martyrs events, Neshoba Co, MS

July 2 — Annual Freedom Trail Lucheon [PDF], St. Augustine, FL

May 22-26 — Return of the Freedom Riders, Jackson, MS

May 19-21 — Freedom Rides Museum Opening, Montgomery, AL

April 29-May 2 — Freedom Rides 50th Anniversary, Chicago, IL.

March 4-5 — Selma Bridge Crossing Jubilee [PDF], Selma, AL

                       Selma Jubilee Program [PDF]

                       Lowndes Co. SNCC Freedom House [PDF]

March 24-26 — 6th Annual Veterans of Mississippi CRM Conference [PDF], Jackson, MS

February 27 — 50th Anniversary of Heroines in Civil Rights [PDF], Oakland, CA

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