BBC Seeks March on Washington Material
March, 2013

The BBC in England have commissioned a documentary film to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the March on Washington. A hugely iconic event that is remembered through a series of familiar official images — namely Dr Martin Luther King's incredible speech — we are hoping to broaden the representation of this event to reflect the fact that this was an event made memorable by the huge numbers of ordinary people who came to it.

Thus, we are appealing to anyone who was at the March on Washington in August 1963 who has film footage that they shot, e.g. from an 8 mm camera, to get in touch with us.

We would love to see whatever you have, whether its 30 seconds or 30 minutes.

Like wise, if you have photographs of yourself, or your friends, we'd love to see those.

Lastly, we're keen to hear from anyone who remembers the March well and feels their experience of being there was personally transformative — in whatever way: perhaps you became an activist, perhaps you made a close friend, perhaps your view of the world was changed. We want to know why you went, what you remember and what happened when you were there.

We'd love to hear from you — please write directly to me, the lead researcher on this project:

Thanks so much

[Note that given production schedules contact needs to be made in the month of March, 2013.]

Jonathan Page
Researcher, "The March"

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