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This page provides links to Civil Rights Movement Archive resources that have significant content related to the struggle to desegregate schools.

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School Desegregation: Photos

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Young People Lead the Way

Keep Your Eyes on the Prize


School Desegregation: CRMA History Articles

Student Strike at Moton High VA, 1951
Students and Paraents Challenge School Segregation, 1951-1952
NAACP Builds the Case, 1951-1954
Brown v Board of Education, 1954
"Massive Resistance" to Integration
Brown II "All Deliberate Speed" Decision, 1955
Southern States Try to Destroy NAACP, 1956-1964
Autherine Lucy at the Univ. Alabama, 1956
Clinton TN & Desegregation of First White Schools in the South, 1956
Prayer Pilgrimage for Freedom, Washington, DC, 1957
Nashville "Grade-a-Year" School Desegregation Scheme, 1957
The Little Rock Nine, 1957
Youth March for Integrated Schools — Washington, DC, 1958
Second Youth March for Integrated Schools — Washington, DC, 1959
Prince Edward County, VA, Closes It's Public Schools, 1959
New Orleans School Desgregation, 1960
University of Georgia Desegregated, 1961
Alabama Governor Wallace Takes Office, 1963
Standing In the Schoolhouse Door, 1963
Massive Evasion of School Integration, "Freedom of Choice", 1964
Crawfordville GA School Bus Struggle, 1965
End of Dual White & "Colored" School Systems, 1968


School Desegregation: Articles & Speeches

What Negroes Want Now, Walter White, NAACP. U.S. News & World Report, 1954.
Desegregation at Work: Progress and Problems, Henry Lee Moon. NAACP. Nation, 1954.
Desegregation in the Public Schools: Role of the NAACP, Roy Wilkins, NAACP. Social Problems, 1955.
Next Steps in the South, New South, Southern Regional Council, 1956
Robeson Urges Government Defend Constitution, Paul Robeson. September 23, Regarding school desegregation in Little Rock Arkansas, 1957.
A First Step Toward School Integration, Ann Holden, Nashville CORE, 1958.


School Desegregation: Documents, Letters & Reports

4/55It CAN Be Done! Desegregation - A Progress Report, 12-page pamphlet about schools. Unsigned NAACP. April 1955
9/21/57Statement by the President (re Little Rock school crisis), President Dwight Eisenhower. September 21 1957
23/57Letter to Roy Wilkins re Little Rock Nine, Daisy Bates. December 1957
10/58Presidential Delegation Statement (Youth March for Integrated Schools, 1958)
6/25/59Report on the Youth March for Integrated Schools, Bayard Rustin, (DC)
1959Why We March (Youth March for Integrated Schools, 1959)
1961New Orleans Schools Crises, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1961
1962Public Schools Southern States, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1962
3/2/64Dear Family, letter from Pat Vail re Boston school integration and other matters.
8/18/64Report Desegregate Sand Springs Schools, James Russell, CORE. (OK)
9/12/64Letter from Lois Chaffee, COFO to Norma Becker and Sandra Adickes re school boycotts (MS)
9/15/64Letter from Norma Becker to Lois Chaffee re school boycotts (MS)
9/30/64Letter from Connie Curry & Marian Wright re leadership training re school desegregation (MS)
1965The School Boycott, Moultrie, GA, Herman Kitchen, 1965
1966Letter to H.E.W. head, criticizing the department failure to enforce the school desegregation provisions of 1964 Civil Rights Act. Marion Barry, Betty Garman, SNCC. February 16, 1966
4/6/66Invitation from Marion Wright to school desegregation conference, (MS)
9/16/66School Integration Report, Bruce Hartford, SCLC. (Grenada, MS
12/66Cunningham v Grenada School District Henry Aronson, Marian Wright, Jack Greenberg, LDF. 1966
12/66To Parents of Schoolchildren, Marian Wright, Paul & Iris Brest. December 20, 1966


School Desegregation: Interviews, Stories & Oral-Histories

Black StudentsTalk About Their Experiences in Desegregated Schools
James ArmstrongInterview by Kimberly Hill re school integration and the movement in Birmingham AL, 1963-1965
PDF transcriptAudio + bio metadata
Julie ArmstrongInterview, re Birmingham school integration, by Willoughby Anderson (SOHP), 2005
Gwendolyn MatthewsOral History (School integrator, NC)
Carol PoeInterview by Willoughby Anderson (SOHP) re Birmingham marches and school integrator in 1963
Alice TuckerMy Integration SuperHero Mississippi
Raquel WilliamsInterview (Birmingham school integrator), by Willoughby Anderson, SOHP. 2005


Film, Video, & Audio

Films & documentaries & videos related to school desegregation:

CRMA Video Channel:

The Intolerable Burden: 50th Anniversary of the Integration of Schools in Drew Mississippi, by COFO and Fannie Lou Hamer Institute at Jackson State Univ. Film and discussion, 108min.

Connie Curry, by Carole Merritt. Along with Ella Baker was a SNCC "adult advisor", active in Greensboro sit-ins and Mississippi school desegregation. 2005. 62min.

Muriel Lokey. By Carole Merritt. Re support for Atlanta school desegregation. 42min.

Portia Harden Potts, by Carole Merritt. One of the first African American students to desegregate schools in Atlanta, GA. 2006. 48min.


External Links:

40 Years Later: Now Can We Talk? Hancock Productions. Documentary about the first African Americans to integrate the white high school in Batesville, Mississippi in 1967-69.

Crisis: Behind a Presidential Commitment, ABC News/Drew Associates. Documentary about University of Alabama's integration crisis of June 1963.

Nine from Little Rock. United States Information Agency. Short documentary about the lives of the nine African-American students who integrated Central High in Little Rock, Arkansas, during the fall of 1957.

Ruby Bridges, Buena Vista. Historical drama about the first African-American student to integrate the local elementary school in New Orleans, Louisiana, 1960.

A Child Shall Lead Them: the Desegregation of Nashville's Public Schools, Magellan Press Films.

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