Civil Rights Movement Documents
Documents From the Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1955-1956

Rosa Parks' Workshop Notes ~ Highlander Center (Summer, 1955)

Minutes, Montgomery NAACP, Rosa Parks, Secretary.

Rosa Parks Arrest Report, December 1 1955. Montgomery Police Dept.

First Leaflet Calling for Montgomery Bus Boycott (Montgomery Womens Political Council)

Montgomery Bus Boycott (outline of). Appears to be the outline for a presentation (or speech?) about the Bus Boycott.

Rosa Parks & Others Discuss the Montgomery Bus Boycott. Highlander Folk School, March, 1956.

Impressions of the Montgomery Bus Boycott (AL), Fred Halstead.

Montgomery Improvement Association Constitution

Montgomery Improvement Association Bylaws, (later version)

Montgomery Story Comic Book (Fellowship of Reconciliation)

See also Articles by Movement Veterans About the Montgomery Bus Boycott

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