Civil Rights Movement Documents
Jackson Movement 1961-1965

Jackson Movement Articles From CRMVets History & Timeline

Tougaloo Nine and Jackson State Protest, 1961

Jackson MS, Boycotts, 1962

Jackson Sit-ins & Protests, 1963

Medgar's Funeral & End of Jackson Movement, 1963

Jackson MS Voting Rights Protests, 1965

Jackson Movement Documents

Don't Ride City Busses, flyer. Unsigned Jackson Nonviolent Movement. Undated 1960

Recent Progress of the Jackson Nonviolent Movement, Paul Brooks, SNCC. Undated, probably February, 1962

John Salter Deposition, re disqualification of federal judge William H. Cox. December 1962.

Boycott Flyer, 1963

NAACP Resolution and Letter Challenging Segregation, May 1963. [PDF]

Situation in Jackson — Mass Action Ahead, NAACP North Jackson Youth Council. May 19, 1963

Mass Meeting Program, Pearl Street AME Church, Jackson, MS, May 28, 1963.

Jackson Mississippi (Police harassment)  Ivanhoe Donaldson, SNCC

Stop Look Listen, Special Message to Self-Respecting Negroes flyer. Unsigned Jackson Movement. Undated (probably summer 1963)

Injunction Against the Jackson Movement, June 1963. [PDF]

In Memoriam Megar Wiley Evers program, NAACP. June 1963.

Murder Inc. Jackson Movement Information Bulletin, re assasinations of Medgar Evers and John F. Kennedy. NAACP, undated (possibly December 1963)

Report From the Jackson Movement, Joan Trumpauer(?), NAACP. Jan 27, 1964 (MS).

Report From the Jackson Movement, Joan Trumpauer(?), NAACP. March 11, 1964 (MS).

Report From the Jackson Movement, Joan (Trumpauer?), NAACP. April 19, 1964 (MS)

Jackson MS: Chronology of Events, June 14-20, 1965, Unsigned (probably MFDP).

Citizens of Jackson Wake Up! Protest flyer, June 1965.

Addition to the Memo on Bail of June 14 (re Jackson MS mass arrests), Barbara Brandt, SNCC. June 16, 1965

Appeal Bulletin, Jackson Situation and MFDP congressional challenge. SNCC northern support team. 6/17/65.

We Urge You to Do These Things, re support for Jackson voting rights protests. SNCC northern support team. 6/17/65

Memo to Friends of SNCC re MFDP congressional challenge, Jackson voting rights protests & horrendus jail conditions. Unsigned SNCC. 6/19/65

Memo to Friends of SNCC re police brutality in Jackson MS and arrests in Washington DC, SNCC. June 19 1965.

Report to Congressional Briefing, re Jackson arrests & prison conditions. June 1965. NCC.

Letter From Jackson Jail, Nancy Turitz, SNCC. June 17, 1965.

Jackson City Jail, James Kates, COFO. June 1965.

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