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Civil Rights Movement Photographs
The Volunteers

In the summers and over school-holidays volunteers came south to join the fight for freedom and justice.
Most — but certainly not all — were college students or recent grads.
Most — but certainly not all — were from the North.
Most — but certainly not all — were white.
Most returned to their campuses and jobs, but some stayed on as full time freedom fighters.

Together, the volunteers were all a living witness of solidarity with the courageous communities of the South who were demanding freedom and equality for all. They were warned of the danger they would face — but they came anyway. Three were murdered by racist police and klan, many others were beaten, abused, and jailed.


Jane Adams and Freedom School student, MS, 1964.


Sandra Adickes and freedom school students Ethel Murrel Stokes and Teresa Clark, Hattiesburg, MS, 1964.


Chude Pam Parker Allen, and Freedom School student Delois Polk, Holly Springs MS.


Patricia Amlin, Rust Coll. Holly Springs, MS, 1964.


Anthony "Arrow" Beaulieu. Hattiesburg, MS, 1964.

Norma Becker.


Edie Black, Freedom School teacher. Mileston, MS, 1964

Jacob Blum, Hattiesburg, MS, 1964.


Luke (Bob) Block
SNCC & SCLC, Selma & Wilcox Co. Alabama, 1965.


Heather Tobis Booth, MS. 1964.

Ben Chaney and volunteer Mel Canal, Meridian, MS. 1965.

James Earl Chaney, MS.

Lorne Cress, Palmers Crossing, MS, 1964.


Kathy Dahl, Holly Springs, MS, 1964.


Paula Ferrari, Luverne AL, 1965.

Liz Fusco, freedom school coordinator, MS, 1964.


Maria Gitin (Joyce Brians)
SCOPE & SNCC, Wilcox Co. Alabama, 1965

SCOPE volunteers Peter Geffen (right) and Moshe Shur with Dr. King, 1965.


Bob Gilliam, Meridian, MS. 1965.

Virginia "Jinny" Glass, MS, 1964.

Andrew Goodman, MS, 1964.

Louis Grant, MS, 1964.

Dove Green, MS. 1964.

Denise Jackson, MS, 1964.


Dick Landerman, Hattiesburg, MS, 1964.


Rabbi Arthur Lelyveld, Hattiesburg, MS, 1964. After being beaten by racists while trying to register voters.


Viola Liuzzo. Murdered by the Klan and vilified by the FBI. 1965.


Marjorie Merrill, Holly Springs, MS, 1964.

Rev. Jim Nance, Hattiesburg, MS, 1964.

Denise Nicholas, Free Southern Theater.


David Owens, MS, 1964.


Susan Patterson and Freedom School students, MS, 1964.


Marj Rader Sutherland, Gulfport MS 1964


Herbert Randall, photographer, Hattiesburg, MS, 1964.

Dunbar Reed, Crenshaw County, AL, 1965.


Arthur Reese and freedom school students, Hattiesburg, MS, 1964.


Bobbie Ricca, MS. 1964.

Carol Richardson & Charles Jackson, Luverne AL, 1965.

Diana Roberson, Holly Springs, MS, 1964.


Mark Satin, Holly Springs, MS, 1964.

Barbara Schwartzbaum, Palmers Crossing, MS, 1964.


Pete Seeger (right) and Roger Johnson (left), MS, 1964.

Doug Smith, Hattiesburg, MS, 1964.

Larry Spears, MS, 1964.


Lisa Anderson Todd, MS, 1964.


Pete Werner, MS, 1964.


Carl S.K. 'Imiola' Young, MS 1964



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