Civil Rights Movement Photographs
SCOPE Project 1965

See Summer Community Organization Political Education Project (SCOPE) for background.

Projects: Alabama,   Georgia,   Florida,   North Carolina,   South Carolina,   Virginia,



SCOPE volunteers leaving Emporia, KS, in the "SCOPEmobile"


SCLC/SCOPE orientation at Morris Brown College in Atlanta.


SCOPE volunteers in discussion.


Movement leader and strategist Bayard Rustin at SCOPE training in Atlanta.

Rev. James Bevel, SCLC, speaking to SCOPE volunteers at the orientation in Atlanta, GA.

Alabama Projects

SCLC Convention, Birmingham

Rutha Harris (ctr), Jimmy Collier (guitar), James Orange (behind & to right of Rutha.)

Crenshaw County


Bruce Hartford (SCLC) & David Sookne (SCOPE) canvasing in the rural.


SCOPE volunteer Paula Ferrari talking with church members.


SCOPE volunteer Dunbar Reed (holding baby), canvasing in the rural.


SCOPE volunteer Caroll Richardson and local activist Charles Jackson talking with church members.

Hale County

SCLC & SCOPE workers Mary Swope, Lester Hankerson, Rutha Harris, Leon Hall.


SCLC & SCOPE workers Charlie Love, Ben "Sunshine" Owens, unidentified, unidentified, Jesse Briggins.


Rutha Harris, SCLC, speaking to rally.


Marchers halted at police barricade shortly before some 500 are arrested


Rev. Thomas Gilmore speaking at barricade before arrests, Theresa Burroughs to his left.

Mobile County


Wilcox County


Daniel Harrell, SCLC SCOPE Field Director at Antioch Baptist Church, Camden, AL

SCOPE leaders: Jesse Brooks and his daughter, Ethel


Local students check out shotgun blast at Antioch Baptist Church


Waiting to register at the courthouse annex (Blacks not allowed to register in the actual courthouse). Camden AL.

Florida Projects

Madison County


SCOPE volunteers in front of Freedom House in Madison, FL. Bill Bigelow, Pacific School of Religion; Claudine Boldridge, Pat Lewis and Mike Edwards, Emporia State College; (behind) Joe Keesecker, College of Emporia.


SCOPE volunteers Savannah Jones and Joe Keesecker with young community leader Willie McDaniels.

Mike Edwards and John Hetlinger, SCOPE Volunteers.


Madison County Youth Movement march on school board. Poor resources and facilities and segregation were the targets of action, leading to marches and a boycott.

Solidarity circle in front of school board.

Georgia Projects

Talliaferro County (Crawfordsville)

SCLC & Me, by Terry V. Howard
Powerpoint presentation on the Taliaferro Co. movement



Marching to the courthouse, Crawfordsville GA. 1965


North Carolina Projects

South Carolina Projects

Berkeley County


Redeemer Reformed Episcopal Church, Pineville, SC. The main church for the SCOPE project.


Redeemer Church after being firebombed by white racists.


Community leader Martha Prioleau Simmons the day after Redeemer Church was destroyed.


Pineville SCOPE project leader Florence Jones.


Local SCOPE activists with a racist sign torn down in St. Stephen, a small hamlet in Berkeley County.

SCOPE Freedom House and local store, Pineville, SC.


The Snipe sisters who made the "We Shall Overcome" banner in front of the Freedom House.


Meeting room in the Freedom House.


Rev. Willie Middleton, local SCOPE worker. Pineville, SC


Carol Sanders & John Kimball, SCOPE volunteers.


Linda Darby, local SCOPE worker.

Willie Louis Prioleau, local SCOPE worker.

Virginia Projects

Sussex County


Volunteer Lanny Kaufer and local teenagers working in the SCOPE office.

Voting rights protesters singing We Shall Overcome
in front of the county courthouse.

Lunnenburg County


SCOPE/VSCRC freedom house & office, Victoria, Lunnenburg Co.



Local leaders (L-R) Rev. John Croslin Sr, Nathaniel Hawthorne, Ollie Ragsdale.

Voter registration training by local activist John Boyd.


Assembling at First Baptist Church in Victoria for voting-rights march to the courhouse in Lunnenburg the county seat.


Marching three and a half miles to Lunnenburg.

Demanding voting rights in front of the courthouse.


Concluding the protest march by singing "We Shall Oversome."


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