Pete Seeger
(1919 — 2014)

Singer 1960- Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi

I work with many organizations but am a member of only a few — my local fire department, veterans groups, and Democrate party. But mainly: The Hudson River Sloop Clearwater, helping to clean up Hudson River pollution.

At request of SNCC I sang in Albany Georgia in 1960, at request of Bob Moses I sang in Greenwood Mississippi in 1964, at request of MLK my wife and I walked for three days from Selma to Montgomery.

I mainly sang, not spoke. Now at age 81, I feel that the Civil Rights Movement showed me and the world that non-violence is the only way the human race can be saved.

I've written several books which tell of this in some detail: Everybody Says Freedom (with Bob Reiser), W.W. Norton 1989. Where Have All the Flowers Gone, SingOut Publications, 610.865.5366.

Pete Seeger. November 23, 2000.

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