Civil Rights Movement Photographs
Grenada Freedom Movement, 1966

Grenada, Mississippi, 1966


The Meredith March sparks the Grenada Movement which erupts into five straight months of daily marches and protests that confront KKK mobs and an army of state troopers.


Young freedom fighters integrate the city library.


Signing up for library cards previously denied to Afro-Americans.





SCLC organizer R.B. Cottonreader leads Grenada "Blackout" (boycott) pickets, 1966.


Boycott pickets leaving Bell Flower church (movement headquarters) for the downtown business district.


Boycott pickets Bruce Hartford SCLC (left) and Nita Faison(?) right.





Under arrest for the crime of nonviolently picketing.


SCLC "Freedom Singers," Bill Harris, Joe Green, and Emory Harris, August 1966. Not shown, Alphonso ("The Bear") Harris.

Mass Rally on Grenada's central town square, 1966.

Protesting on the Grenada green at Confederate memorial.



Night rally on the green at the Confederate Memorial.


Hosea Williams of SCLC leads freedom marchers out of Bell Flower church.



Night time voting rights rally outside the Chat & Chew cafe before the police attack. Hosea Williams speaking from the top of a car.


Major Wright, SCLC


Barbara Williams, SCLC




Evelyn Goss (14) and her brother Doc Goss, arrested on freedom march in Grenada. 1966



The School Crisis


News photographer being beaten by KKK mob during attack on Black school children. September 12, 1966





Dr. King and Joan Baez address a mass meeting in Bell Flower church at the time of the school crisis.




Dr. King escorting Eva Lemon (7), Aretha Willis (7) and unidentified boy home after Klan mob attacks school children. Behind King: Andy Young, unidentified, Joan Baez, Ira Sandperl, Hosea Wiliams, and J.T. Johnson (holding unidentified girl). September 13, 1966.


Grenada students marching back to Bellflowers Church after defying mobs to integrate the white-only schools. September 14, 1966.


Mississippi state police block student integrators from all-white school. SCLC Project Director J.T. Johnson at left, to his right Joan Baez holding binders and Ira Sandperl.


After days of violence and public outrage, Mississippi Governor Johnson finally orders the State Troopers to protect school children from KKK mobs. September 16, 1966.


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