Civil Rights Movement Photographs
"A band of brothers and sisters in a circle of trust"

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Diane Nash, 1960, SNCC.

E.D. Nixon. Montgomery, AL.

Sandra Nixon, Freedom Rider


Silas Norman, SNCC. Mugshot, Selma Alabama, 1964.

Pauline Knight Ofosu (Freedom Rider)

Helen O'Neal, Freedom Rider

John O'Neal, SNCC & Free Southern Theater

Rosa Parks, NAACP, 1955.

Gwen Patton, MIA, SCLC, SNCC.

Willie (Wazir) Peacock, SNCC, 1963.


Annell Ponder, SCLC. Greenwood, 1963.



Betty Poole, NAACP & SNCC
Mississippi, 1962.


Dr. Alvin Poussaint, MCHR
Mississippi, 1964.


Elnora Price (Freedom Rider)

A. Philip Randolph, at March on Washington, 1963.


Attorney Dennis Roberts at Angela Davis trial, 1975


Frank Robinson, CORE.

Gwen Robinson (Zahora Simmons), SNCC


Jo Ann Robinson arrested during Montgomery Bus Boycott, 1956.

Ruby Doris Robinson, Atlanta, GA, 1966


Jimmy Rogers at TIAL meeting in 1966.


Joseph Ross (Freedom Rider)

Bayard Rustin, 1963.

SCLC Executive Staff, date unknown (possibly '63 or '64).


John Salter (Hunter Bear) after being beaten by Jackson, MS Police.


Mendy Samstein, SNCC.

           Mickey Schwerner, CORE.

Rick Sheviakov, Freedom Rider


Rev. Fred Shuttlesworth, ACMHR & SCLC.

Helen Singleton, Freedom Rider

Robert Singleton, Freedom Rider

Richard Smiley, SCLC, on Meredith March, 1966.


Bob Smith, SNCC.


Scott B. Smith of SNCC (left) and Mike Bibler and John Davis of SCLC (right). Barbour County, AL, 1965.


Karen Spellman (center), SNCC.

E.W. Steptoe, Mississippi, 1963

Matt (Flukey) Suarez, CORE. Mississippi. 1963

Jean Thompson. Freedom Rider mugshot. 1961.

The Tougaloo Four Freedom Riders
Thomas Armstrong, Mary Magdalene Harrison
Elnora Ross Price, Joseph Ross

Clyde Kennard, Dorie Ladner, Jimmie Travis


Joan Trumpauer, Freedom Rider
and Mississippi activist

Hartman Turnbow, COFO, Holmes County, Mississippi.



Albert Turner, SCLC.


C.T. Vivian of SCLC confronting Sheriff Jim Clark, Selma, Alabama, 1965.


Rita Walker, SNCC.


Sid Walker, SNCC.

Cynthia Washington, SNCC.

Hollis Watkins, SNCC, 1963.


NAACP head Roy Wilkins (left) with Jacksonville FL sit-in leader Rodney L. Hurst (right)

Barbara Williams, SCLC. Mugshot from Grenada MS. 1966.

Rev. Hosea Williams and "Big Lester" Hankerson of SCLC marching in Grenada MS. 1966.

Lula Belle Williams, Selma student activist

Stanley Wise, SNCC

Major Wright, SCLC. Mugshot from Grenada MS. 1966.

Andy Young, SCLC.

Members of the Atlanta SNCC staff, 1963.
Foreground: Julian Bond (center), 2nd row Dottie Miller and Bob Zellner.


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