Civil Rights Movement Photographs
"A band of brothers and sisters in a circle of trust"

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Prathia Hall, SNCC.


"Prathia Hall is the one platform speaker I would prefer not to follow."  — Martin Luther King.


Fannie Lou Hamer, SNCC.


Mary Hamilton, CORE

"Big Lester" Hankerson, SCLC. Mugshot, Grenada MS. 1966.

Bill Harris, Joe Green, Emory Harris, SCLC

Jesse Harris, SNCC.

Bruce Hartford, SCLC.


Casey Hayden, SNCC.



SNCC photographer Matt Herron evading deputy sheriff.

Frank Holloway, Freedom Rider mugshot. Jackson, MS. 1961.

Mathew Hughes, SNCC

John Hulett. LCFO & SNCC. First Black sheriff elected in Lowndes County AL.


Jacksonville FL sit-in leader Rodney L. Hurst (right) with NAACP head Roy Wilkins (left).

Howard Jeffries, Holly Springs, MS, 1964.

Barbara Jones Omolade.



Clyde Kennard after being released from Parchman Prison in 1963.

Clyde Kennard, Dorie Ladner, Jimmie Travis


Ed King & Joan Trumpauer, MS, 1963.
(Joan's sweatshirt says: "Just a cracker from Georgia.")

Attorney C.B. King (Albany GA)

Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, SCLC.

Dorie Ladner, SNCC.

Joyce Ladner, SNCC, 1963.


Bernard Lafayette. Freedom Rider mugshot. Jackson, MS.

Jennifer Lawson, Atlanta, GA, 1966

Jim Leatherer. Meredith Mississippi March, 1966.

Herbert Lee


Mary Harrison Lee (Freedom Rider)


Sandy Leigh, SNCC, Hattiesburg, MS, 1964.


Julius Lester, SNCC, Hattiesburg, MS, 1964.

John Lewis, SNCC.

Colia Liddell, Lafayette, Clark, NAACP, SNCC

Gloria Newton Logsdon, & John Logsdon CORE/NAACP, 1963


Clara Luper, Oklahoma NAACP and sit-in leader.

Danny Lyon, SNCC, 1962.


Bob Mants, SNCC

Chuck McDew, SNCC


Silas McGee, SNCC.

Bobby McKinley, Holly Springs, MS, 1964.

Floyd McKissick, CORE.


Betita Martinez (Elisabeth Sutherland), SNCC


Shiela Michaels, CORE, SNCC.


(Left) Rev. Richard Boone, SCLC
(Right) Rev. Harold Middlebrroks, SCLC
Tuscaloosa, AL. 1964


Jack Minnis, SNCC.

Ozell Mitchell, COFO, Holmes County, MS.

John Moody, Jr, Freedom Rider


Amzie Moore, Mississippi, 1963.

Harry & Harriette Moore, NAACP. Assasinated by the KKK, Christmas day, 1951.


CORE organizer Joe Morse, Lauderdale Co. MS. 1965.


Eric Morton, SNCC. On Lynch St. in front of the Jackson COFO office, 1963.

Lee Jack Morton, SNCC/COFO

Bob Moses, SNCC.



Gil Moses (standing) and John O'Neal (kneeling) of the Free Southern Theater.

Curtis (Hayes) Muhammad, SNCC.


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