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SDS Bulletins & Newsletters

1964 SDS Bulletin Nov-Dec 1964. (42 pages)
12/64 SDS Bulletin: Nov-Dec 1964, Vol 3 #3. Elections, university, unemployed, chapter reports, etc. (42 pages)
1965 SDS Bulletin January 1965. (20 pages)
1965 SDS Regional Newsletter (Northern Calif.) Jan 24, 1965. (21 pages)
1965 SDS Bulletin Nov? 1965. (43 pages)
11/22/65 Los Angeles, CA. SDS Bulletin #3, November 22, 1965, organizational matters, walk for peace in Vietnam. (13 pages)
1966 SDS Regional Newsletter (Northern Calif.) Feb 22, 1966. (22 pages)
1968 Northern California SDS Regional Conference. Feb 3-4, 1968. (21 pages)

SDS Research, Theory & Position Papers

1962 Student Social Action, Tom Hayden, SDS. (11 pages)
1962 The South as an Underdeveloped Country, Rob Burlage, SDS. (9 pages).
1962 The Port Huron Statement, Tom Hayden and other SDS activists. June 15, 1962. (41 pages). (HTML version).
6/62 SDS Constitution circa 1962. (4 pages).
9/62 Students and Labor, Alan Haber, SDS. (20 pages).
1962 Just a Matter of Timing? Critique of Kennedy administration inaction on civil and voting rights. Tom Hayden, SDS. Liberation, October 1962. (3 pages).
12/62 A White America in a Non-White World, Noel Day, SDS. (11 pages).
12/62 The University and the Cold War, Paul Potter, SDS. (8 pages).
62? '63?Research and Education in Community Action Projects, Paul Potter, SDS. Undated, probably 1962 or 1963. (10 pages)
1963 An Interracial Movement of the Poor?, Tom Hayden and Carl Whitman (SDS) 25-page working paper.
1963 The Power of the Dixiecrats, Tom Hayden. SNCC/SDS, Spring 1963. (Presented at SNCC conference, then republished by SDS) (12 pages).
1963 Finding and Making Leaders, Nicolas von Hoffman, SDS. Reprinted by CORE 1965. (14 pages).
1963America and the New Era, unsigned SDS. Undated probably mid-1963. (23 pages)
6/63The Intellectual As an Agent of Social Change, Paul Potter speech to SDS convention. June 1963. (8 pages)
8/63 The Doctrine of Unfreedom, University Reform, and Campus Political Parties, Donald McKelvey, SDS. (7 pages).
8/63 Will Negroes Use Guns?, Harlan Joye, Common Sense. August 1963. (10 pages)
9/63 Student Political Action 1960-1963, the view of a participant. Todd Gitlin, SDS. (19 pages).
10/63? Students and Economic Action, Carl Whitman, SDS. Undated, probably October 1963 (9 pages)
12/63 Chester PA Jobs, Community Organizing in the Other America, by SDS, Committee For Freedom Now of Chester, Swarthmore Political Action Club. (12 pages)
12/63? Liberals and Reality, Sumner Rosen, SDS/Politial Action for Peace (PAX). Undated (possibly December 1963) (7 pages)
63? 64? Liberal Analysis and Federal Power, Tom Hayden, SDS. Undated (probably late 1963 or early 1964). (7 pages).
1964 Goldwater and the White Backlash, Tom Kahn, SDS Political Education Project. 1964. (10 pages).
9/64 Goldwaterism: Its Origin and Impact, Jim Willians, SSOC/SDS. (10 pages)
3/64 Politics 1964 — Corporatism and Crisis, by Eugene Feingold, Tom Hayden, SDS. (13 pages).
1965 Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party: Background and Recent Developments, Steve Max, SDS/PEP. (18 pages).
1964? University Reform, Shelley Blum, SDS. Undated (possibly 1964) (5 pages)
1965 SNCC: The Qualities of Protest (review & discussion of Zinn's "The New Abolitionists), Tom Hayden, SDS. "Studies on the Left," winter 1965. (12 pages).
4/65 The New Radicals & "Participatory Democracy", Staughton Lynd, Dissent. (8 pages)
12/65 High School Reform, Towards a Student Movement, M. Kleinman, SDS. High School Reform, Towards a Student Movement. (5 pages)
6/67 U.S. Policy Towards China Since World War II, draft study-guide by Henry Haslech Jr, SDS Radical Education Project. (9 pages).
Fall '68Through the Looking Glass, a Radical Guide to Stanford. Stanford SDS (42 pages)
12/68 A History of the New Left, 1960-1968, by James O'Brien, SDS & Radical America. (32 pages).

SDS Organizing Materials

7/63 The Survey and Community Organizing, Nick Egelson, SDS/ERAP. (8 pages)
10/63 The Bruns Strike, a Case Study in Student Participation in Labor. Clark Kissinger, SDS. (5 pages)
1963-64 Students for a Democratic Society national brochure.
3/64 The March on Frankfort, A Study in Protest Organization, Jim Williams, SDS/PEP. (10 pages).
9/24/64  Flyer: Should the Left Support Johnson? And Mike Miller on Community Organizing—A Tool For Organzing. Unsigned UCB SDS
1965 How About the Draft!, unsigned SDS flyer. Undated (possibly 1965)
1965? SDS Needs Staff application form. Unsigned, SDS. Undated (possibly 1965)
1/65 We Shall Overcome, Register-Vote, MFDP/PEP/SDS poster/cover. Steve Max. Undated, possibly January 1965
2/10/65 Mississippi Freedom Democratic Party paper promotion flyer, Jim Williams SDS/PREP. February 10, 1965
3/19/65 March 19 Student Action Against American Support of South African Apartheid, Peace Research and Education Project of SDS. March 19, 1965. (8 pages).
4/6/65 Statement on Student March on Washington (Opposing SDS-organized march opposing the Vietnam War), Bayard Rustin, Norman Thomas and others, April 16, 1965
4/17/65 SDS March on Washington to End the War in Vietnam, April 17, 1965 (5 documents)
4/17/65 Against the Vietnam War, speech by Paul Potter, SDS at mass protest in Washington DC
10/30/65Stop the War! Stop the Draft? flyer, UC Berkeley SDS.
10/30/65Where Do We Go? flyer UC Berkeley SDS.
65? 66? The Grape Society, report on the Delano CA grape workers strike by unsigned SDS. Undated (probably late 1965 or early 1966)
65? 66? The Other California, support flyer National Farm Workers Association (NFWA) grape strike, Los Angeles SDS. Undated (probably late 1965 or early 1966)
1966? A Movement of Many Voices ..., Economic Research and Action Project (ERAP) recruitment pamphlet, Tom Hayden, SDS. Undated (possibly 1966) (31 pages)
67-69?Is the Draft in Your Future?, unsigned UC Berkeley SDS. Undated (probably 1967-1969)
67-68?No Aid and Comfort for the CIA! Unsigned SDS. Undated (probably 1967-1968)
4/68 The Americana Game, San Francisco State College SDS.
8/68 Political Direction of SDS, Jack Bloom, Marilyn Morehead(?), Jack Gerson (ISC)
Fall '68What is SDS?, flyer. San Francisco State College SDS
Fall 1968 Elections? ... A Better Answer, San Francisco State College SDS

SDS Conference & Convention Materials

6/13/65 Won't You Come? SDS National Convention, Camp Maplehurst, Kewadin MI.
6/67 Statement to SDS National Convention, Women's Liberation Workshop
10/68 Boulder and Boulder, material from SDS national conference, Boulder CO. (11 pages)
7/69 To Our Brothers and Sisters in SDS, statement by Radical Student Union (RSU) of Berkeley(?) re Black Panthers and women. Unsigned, undated (possibly July 1969)
7/69 Statement re community control of police, conduct of convention, SDS national office. Unsigned RSU. Undated (possibly July 1969)

Reports, Plans, Proposals, & Internal Documents

3/1/64 Prospectus for Economic Research and Action Project in Chester PA, summer 1964
1965 ERAP Fall Program Report to the National Council, Rennie Davis, SDS. 1965
6/7/65 Institute on Organizing for Social Action, SDS-ERAP, June 7-14
Fall '65 To whom it may concern in SDS, a snarky criticism. Bruce Hartford
67? 68? The Black Panther Party: Toward the Liberation of the Colony, draft resolution, Ed Jennings, SDS. Undated (probably 1967-69) (3 pages)
67? 68? Where It's At: A Research Guide For Community Organizing, Paul Booth, Mimi Feingold, Carl Whitman, Jill Hamberg, Nancy Gitlin, Howard Epstein. (95 pages)
2/7/68 H. Rap Brown political prisoner (page missing?) Unsigned, SDS. February 7, 1968

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