Civil Rights Movement Documents & Materials
Citizenship Education Program (Citizenship Schools) 1954-1966

[Started by Esau Jenkins and Septima Clark on Johns Island SC in 1954, the Citizenship Schools focused on teaching adults to read so they could pass the voter-registration "literacy tests." Under the innocuous cover of adult-literacy classes, the schools taught democracy and civil rights, community leadership and organizing, practical politics, and the strategies and tactics of resistance and struggle. Initially, the program operated under the auspices of the Highlander Center, but after Tennessee authorities attempted to shut down Highlander because of its support for integration and economic justice, SCLC agreed to take the Citizenship Schools under its wing so that if Highlander was destroyed the program would still survive. See Citizenship Schools for details and history.]
????Writing A Check, undated. Unsigned (probably SCLC Citizenship Education Program)
????Depositing Money In the Bank, undated. Unsigned (probably SCLC Citizenship Education Program)
1962Citizenship Education Program brochure, SCLC.
1962Citizenship Schools Class Workbook (GA)
1963 Citizenship Education in the "Heart of the Iceberg (MS), Annell Ponder, SCLC. Undated (probably 1963)
1963Letter to Lois Rogers re Citizenship Teacher expenses, Septima Clark, SCLC
1963Citizenship Training Workshops, Unsigned, SCLC. Undated 1963
1963Certificate of Attendance, Victoria Gray. August 1963
????Citizenship schools teacher training application form, undated
????Citizenship Schools organizing materials, undated
64? 65?  Citizenship Schools Class Workbook, generic, non-state-specific. Undated.
1964?Citizenship Schools Activities Ideas & Plans, SCLC.
1964SCLC Citizenship Education Program (Mississippi), Annell Ponder.
1964 COFO Citizenship School flyer, undated 1964
1964Citizenship and Liberation
1964Dear Citizenship Teacher, October 12, 1964
???? The Citizenship Education Program, SCLC.
(Unsigned, undated, probably from the mid-1960s)
1966Political Workshop in Sunflower Led by Mrs. Victoria Gray, SCLC Citizenship Educaton Report report,
May 7, 1966
1967Letter to Secty of Commerce, Carl Farris, SCLC-CEP. July 25 1967

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