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Freedom Songs & Freedom Singing

This page provides links to Civil Rights Movement Archive resources that have significant content related the role that songs and singing played in the Freedom Struggle.

Speeches and Articles
Original Documents, Reports & Letters
Interviews, Stories & Oral-Histories
Commentaries & Analyses by Movement Veterans
Group Discussions by Movement Veterans
Film, Video and Audio

Freedom Singing: Photos

Freedom Singing

(Other Photo Album pages may also contain images of people singing Freedom Songs.


Freedom Songs & Singing: Articles & Speeches

Some Thoughts About Music, Annette Jones White, 1962

The Power of Freedom Songs, Bruce Hartford

SNCC Freedom Singers (From SNCC 50th Anniversary Conference) [PDF]


Freedom Songs & Singing: Documents, Reports & Letters

The Life of a Lie, Tim Jenkins & Freedom Singers flyer, March 6, 1961

CORE Sit-In Songs, 1962.

Songs of the Southern Freedom Movement, undated (probably 1963 or '64)

SNCC Freedom Singers brochure. Undated (possibly 1963)

SNCC: Freedom Singers and Freedom Songbook flyer, undated possibly late '63 or early '64.

Letter to Art Waskow from Mike Thelwell re SNCCreedom Singer concert (DC). 4/22/64

Letter from Guy & Candie Carawan re gathering freedom songs

Song Sheet, SCLC's SCOPE orientation? Summer 1965? (Typical example of song sheets used at many times and in many places.)

Note to Theresa from Jean Little re Freedom Singer event in Green Bay WI (handwritten), 8/1/64
Follow up note from Jean Little re Freedom Singer event in Green Bay WI, 8/17/64
Response to Green Bay Freedom Singers requests, Joel Skornicka, 8/19/64

Incident Sheet - Arrest of folk singer Roger Johnson in Bentonia MS, unsigned COFO, 7/9/64

SNCC caroling sing-in, flyer. Unsigned, SNCC & Fifth Avenue Peace Parade Committee. Undated (possibly 1966 or 1967)


Freedom Songs & Singing: Interviews, Stories & Oral-Histories

Jamila Jones Interview by Joseph Mosnier re Montgomery Bus Boycott, Freedom Rides, & Freedom Songs, 2011.  Video + bio & metadata

Short Piece on Freedom Songs, John Suter. 2014.


Freedom Songs & Singing: Commentaries & Analyses by Movement Veterans

Post-1960s commentaries, thoughts, and analyses by Movement veterans regarding or referencing songs & singing.

Some Thoughts About Music, Annette Jones White, 1962

And a Song Shall Rise, Bruce Hartford. 2011

Thoughts on Freedom Songs, Penny Patch. 2016.


Freedom Songs & Singing: Group Discussions by Movement Veterans

The discussions, panels, and email threads listed our Discussions often mention songs & sings.


Film, Video, & Audio

Films & documentaries, videos, and audio recordings related to Freedom Songs & singing:

Stand Up and Shout: the SNCC Freedom and Justice Concert, Virtual concert celebrating SNCC and the Southern Freedom Movement (1951-1968). 74min.

Freedom Singer performance Antioch College (audio only). 36min.


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