Civil Rights Movement Documents
Youth Marches for Integrated Schools
October 1958 & April 1959

Youth March for Integrated Schools — Washington, DC, October 1958

Proposed Budget for Petition Campaign and Washington Demonstration, undated 1958

Six organizing letters, A. Philip Randolph, Stanley Levinson, others. Various dates 1958

Why the Interracial Youth March for Integrated Schools, A. Philip Randolph, YMIS, BSCP. Undated 1958

Press release: Students to Demonstrate in Washington for Integrated Schools, Sept. 15 1958,

Press release: Statement by A. Philip Randolph at Youth March Rally, Sept 19 1958

Press release re attempted assasination of Dr. King, A. Philip Randolph, YMIS. September 23 1958.

Letter to President Eisenhower re school desegregation, A. Philip Randolph, YMIS, BSCP. October 10 1958

Instruction Sheet #1, YMIS Childrens Committee. October 25 1958

Instruction Sheet #2, YMIS. October 25 1958

Program, October 25 1958

Text of Martin Luther King's address, October 25 1958

Youth March for Integrated Schools White House delegation members, A. Philip Randolph, YMIS. October 25 1958. (The delegation was blocked.)

Presidential Delegation Statement, October 25 1958

Letter to the President re Little Rock Nine, Lavonne Swearingen. October 30, 1958

Financial Report, Stanley Levinson & Bayard Rustin, YMIS. October 31 1958

Second Youth March for Integrated Schools — Washington, DC April 1959

Letter to Student Leaders re Youth March for Integrated Schools, February 13, 1959.

On to Washington! Mass Youth Rally, April. Youth March for Integrated Schools.

Why We March.

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