Civil Rights Movement Documents
School Desegregation

It CAN Be Done! Desegregation - A Progress Report, 12-page pamphlet about schools. Unsigned NAACP. April 1955

The Southern Manifesto, Senator Harry Byrd, 19 southern Senators, 77 southern House members. March 12 1956. (See "Massive Resistance" to Integration for background.)

Statement by the President (re Little Rock school crisis), President Dwight Eisenhower. September 21 1957

Letter to Roy Wilkins re Little Rock Nine, Daisy Bates. December 1957

Presidential Delegation Statement (Youth March for Integrated Schools, 1958)

Why We March (Youth March for Integrated Schools, 1959)

New Orleans Schools Crises, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1961

Public Schools Southern States, U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, 1962

Report Desegregate Sand Springs OK Schools, James Russell, CORE, 1964

The School Boycott, Moultrie, GA, Herman Kitchen, 1965

See Also School Desegregation Articles by Movement veterans

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