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School Desegregation Articles

School Desegregation Articles From CRMVets History & Timeline

Student Strike at Moton High (1951)
Students and Parents Challenge School Segregation (1951)
NAACP Builds the Case (1951)
Brown v Board of Education (1954)
"Massive Resistance" to Integration (1954)
Clintion, Tennessee — First White School Desegregated (1956)
Autherine Lucy at the Univ. Alabama (1956)
Nashville "Grade-a-Year" School Desegregation Scheme (1957)
The Little Rock Nine (1957)
Youth March for Integrated Schools — Washington, DC (1958)
Prince Edward County, Virginia, Closes It's Public Schools (1959)
New Orleans School Desgregation (1960)
University of Georgia Desegregated (1961)
James Meredith Desegregates 'Ole Miss (1962)
Standing In the Schoolhouse Door (1963)
Massive Evasion of School Integration (1964)
Integrating Americus High School (1964)
Crawfordville, GA, School Bus Struggle (1965)
End of Dual White & "Colored" School Systems (1968)

School Desegregation Articles by Freedom Movement Veterans

What Negroes Want Now, Walter White, NAACP. U.S. News & World Report, 1954.
Desegregation at Work: Progress and Problems, Henry Lee Moon. NAACP. Nation, 1954.
Next Steps in the South, New South, Southern Regional Council. 1956
A First Step Toward School Integration, Ann Holden, Nashville CORE, 1958.

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