Civil Rights Movement Documents
Birmingham Movement 1956-66

[From 1956-1966 Birmingham Alabama was on the front lines of the Southern Freedom Movement. Though it is most famous for the "Childrens Crusade" of 1963, the Birmingham Movement was one of the longest, deepest, and most persistent of all the individual movements of the era.]
1950s-64 Example Segregation Laws. (Birmingham & Montgomery)
1963Birmingham: People in Motion, ACMHR.
32-page history of ACMHR and the Birmingham Freedom Movement from 1956-1966. [Large PDF]
1963Birmingham Manifesto, ACMHR.
1963Letter from Birmingham Jail, Martin Luther King.
1963 Big Business Supports Segregation in Birmingham, SNCC flyer.
1965-66   Birmingham Voter Registration Campaign, 1965-66. (Multiple documents)

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