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Martin Luther King Memorials & Art


Martin Luther King National Historic Site, Atlanta
Artist: Louis Delsarte


Martin Luther King National Historic Site, Atlanta
Artist: Louis Delsarte


Homage to King, Atlanta, GA. 1996
Sculptor: Xavier Medina Campeny
Gift from the Spanish host city of the 1992 Summer Olympics to
the host of the 1996 Summer Olympics.


Martin Luther King Memorial, San Francisco, CA
Sculptor Houston Conwill, Poet Estella Majoza and Architect Joseph De Pace.


Out of the Mountain of Despair, a Stone of Hope
MLK Memorial, Washington DC. 2011


Martin Luther King, Jr. ~ Birthing a Legacy
By Benjamin Keller, 2021
Manchester, CT.


Bust of Martin Luther King by John Woodrow Wilson
United States Capitol rotunda.
Washington, DC.

Mural San Antonio, TX by David Blancas. 2012.
East Side Greater Faith Institutional Church, Martin Luther King Drive.


Martin Luther King Junior and Malcolm X by Maria F. Romero-Creel. 2012.
High school wall mural, location unknown.


Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and Mohandas Gandhi
by Robert Templeton. 1968.



Statue of Martin Luther King, Mexico City.


Martin Luther King Street
Liberty Bell Park, Jerusalem, Israel.

Dr. Martin Luther King.
Imo state Nigeria


Movement Drawings of Frank Cieciorka, SNCC


Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer
As printed in The Movement newspaper


Mississippi Freedom Labor Union (MFLU)


[See also Frank Cieciorka's, The Rape of Lady Liberty ~ A Discussion for more information about and commentary on his work.]

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