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Museums, Academic Centers, History Projects, & Government Sites

1964 Freedom Summer Project, Wisconsin Historical Society. Online collection of thousands of Freedom Summer documents.

ACCORD Freedom Trail. Commemorating the Movement in St. Augustine, Florida.

African-American Odyssey — Civil Rights Era: Part of "A Quest for Full Citizenship" exhibit that explores black America's quest for equality. Showcases collections of the Library of Congress — books, documents, manuscripts, maps, musical scores, etc.

Albany Civil Rights Institute. Website commemorating the movement in Albany and SouthWest Georgia.

Americus-Sumter County Movement Remembered Committee. Remembering and commemorating the Freedom Movement in Americus and Sumter County Georgia.

Amistad Research Center Independent archive specializing in the history of African Americans and other Ethnic Minorities. (Housed at Tulane Univ)

Birmingham Civil Rights Institute. Dedicated to the spirit and courage of those who dared to confront the bigotry and racial discrimination of American society.

Center for Civil and Human Rights (Atlanta, GA)

Center for the Study of Civil Rights and African-American Culture Alabama State University (Montgomery, AL)

Civil Rights Movement 1955-65, by Lisa Cozzens for her high school history project.

Civil Rights Heritage Center. Indiana University South Bend.

Civil Rights Movement in Virginia. Online exhibit by Virginia Historical Society.

Civil Rights in Mississippi Digital Archive. Project of University of Southern Mississippi. Primary sources and digitized versions of rare and unique archival resources on race relations in Mississippi. Provides books, videos, and other resources for teaching about the Civil Rights Movement. Includes online lesson plans and links to several key civil rights websites. Hosted by Teaching for Change, a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. Fannie Lou Hamer Political Institute, Jackson State University

From Snarling Dogs to Bloody Sundays. Teaching Past the Platitudes of the Civil Rights Movement (Rethinking Schools Online)

Gilbert Civil Rights Museum (Savannah Movement)

International Civil Rights Center & Museum . Dedicated to the Civil Rights Movement. Located in the Woolworth's building in Greensboro, North Carolina where the first sit-in took place.

Vernon Johns Papers Project. Gathering, transcribing, annotating, and publishing his surviving essays, sermons, and speeches.

Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library.

John F. Kennedy Presidential Library

King Center, Atlanta GA

M.L. King Research & Education Institute ~ Stanford Univ..

Mississippi Freedom Summer Project 1964, Miami University (Oxford Ohio).

Mississippi Sovereignty Commission Online Archives. The once- secret documents of Mississippi's infamous anti-civil rights agency.

Robert Russa Moton Museum. The 1951 student strike at this Virginia high school set in motion the lawsuits that resulted in the Brown v Board of Education Supreme Court decision.

National Civil Rights Museum. Website of the museum in the Lorraine Motel in Memphis, TN. Dedicated to assisting the public in understanding the lessons of the Civil Rights Movement and its impact and influence on the human rights movement worldwide.

National Voting Rights Museum and Institute. Site devoted to the Selma Freemdom Movement's fight for voting rights.

Poverty & Race Research Action Council. A non-partisan, national, not-for-profit organization convened by major civil rights, civil liberties and anti-poverty groups to link social science research to advocacy work in order to successfully address problems at the intersection of race and poverty.

Schomburg Center for Research in Black Culture (NY Public Library)

Social Action Collection, Wisconsin Historical Society. Website for large collection of historical materials.

Southern Oral History Project. Part of Univerity North Carolina-Chapel Hill's Center for the Study of the American South

TeachingHistory.Org. History resources and materials for teachers.

Trenholm State Technical College Archives. Repository of collections of Montgomery's pioneer voting and civil rights activists, circa 1870-present. The collections contain photographs, manuscripts, correspondences and small artifacts.

Veterans of the Mississippi Civil Rights Movement. Honoring and commemorating the Freedom Movement veterans of Mississippi.

We Shall Overcome sites. National Historic Register of places of the Civil Rights Movement.


Civil Rights Organizations Active Today

A. Phillp Randolph Institute. Fights for racial equality and economic justice working with black trade unionists.

BAMN. Coalition to Defend Affirmative Action & Integration, and Fight for Equality By Any Means Necessary.

Civil Rights and Restorative Justice Project (CRRJ). Conducts research and supports policy initiatives on anti-civil rights violence in the United States and other miscarriages of justice of that period. (Northeastern University School of Law) Provides books, videos, and other resources for teaching about the Civil Rights Movement. Includes online lesson plans and links to several key civil rights websites. Hosted by Teaching for Change, a non-profit organization based in Washington, DC. Online organization to strengthen Black America's political voice, empower Black Americans and allies to make government more responsive to the concerns of Black Americans, and to bring about positive political and social change for everyone.

Ella Baker Center for Human Rights (EBC). Documents, exposes and challenges human rights abuses in the United States criminal justice system; builds power in communities, and advocates community-based solutions to systemic "criminal injustice.

Fannie Lou Hamer Cultural Center, Ruleville, MS

Freedom Summer, 2004. 21 day commemorative bus caravan visiting key cities and sites important to the Civil Rights struggle.

Highlander Research and Education Center. Founded in 1932 to serve as an adult education center for community workers involved in social and economic justice movements, the Highlander Center played a major role in the Southern Freedom Movement of the 1960s. A role they continue to this day.

Hill Country Project (Local movement in Benton County)

Hunterbear.Org Native American, civil rights, civil liberties, labor and related social justice material.

International School for Bottom-up Organizing (Email contact:

James Earl Chaney Foundation. Dedicated to protecting the constitutional rights of all Americans and the right of equal protection and treatment under law.

The King Center. Website of the Martin Luther King center in Atlanta.

Lawyers Committee for Civil Rights Under Law. Nonpartisan, nonprofit organization, formed in 1963 to the provide legal services to address racial discrimination.

Leadership Conference on Civil Rights. Large coaltion of organizations dedicated to advancing civil rights.

Medgar & Myrlie Evers Institute

National Association for the Advancement of Colored People (NAACP). Dedicated to ensuring the political, educational, social and economic equality of minority group citizens of United States and eliminate race prejudice.

National Urban League. Community-based movement devoted to empowering African Americans to enter the economic and social mainstream.

Project South Organization devoted to providing popular education to build grassroots leaders, opportunities for organizers to learn and develop movement building tools, and building a stronger movement for social & economic justice.

ROAR Foundation, Inc. Repaying Our Ancestors Respectfully mission is to serve as a catalyst to Organizations, Corporations, Small Businesses and Citizens that serve the interest of youth.

San Francisco Freedom School. Studying the Civil Rights Movement as a case study of how social movements happen.

Sojourn to the Past . Through a transformative living history, academic immersion journey, students are empowered with passion and confidence to become critical thinkers and tomorrow's leaders for social change.

Southern Anti-Racism Network (SARN). Develops campaigns and projects in the South led by people of color to address racial disparities in education, health care and economic opportunities.

Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC). Committed to bringing about the promise of "one nation, under God, indivisible" together with the commitment to activate the "strength to love" within the community of humankind.

SCLC/W.O.M.E.N. Acronym for "Women's Organizational Movement for Equality Now." A non-profit foundation founded by women of SCLC to champion the rights of women, children and families, and respond to the problems of the poor and disenfranchised.

Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC). Organization carrying on the fight against hatred and bigotry. Site of Civil Rights Movement Memorial in Montgomery Alabama.

Spirit House. The Jonathan Daniels and Samuel Younge Forum For Social Justice is a national organization that uses the arts, research, action, spiritual reflection, coalition building, and education to dismantle injustice and to build a nonviolent movement for social change.

Texas Civil Rights Project (TCRP) Promotes racial, social, and economic justice through education and litigation.


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