March 18, 2018

Dear Friend, Colleague, Former Colleague and/or Activist,

You are receiving this statement that contains information about the lawsuit I filed; however, I want to say a few things to you, in addition.

In my opinion, Nonviolence is the most effective means for bringing about significant social change. It works. It is critical that Black and progressive activists never conclude that Nonviolence does not work. If efforts to change society become violent, oppressive elements will justify brutality against demonstrators and even the mass killing of citizens who attempt to change society. That will make it more possible for the "authorities" to completely shut down protests and movements for change. Mohandas Gandhi invented a way humankind can resolve conflict, throw off oppression and even wage warfare without killing and maiming our fellow human beings. For these reasons, it is imperative that instruction in Nonviolence be authentic and carried out with integrity.

Since my name has been used and because people therefore assume that I approve of and even that I am involved in what I personally believe to be a scam, it is necessary for me to inform everyone that I am not connected in any way with the Addie Wyatt Center for Nonviolence Training or with what is called "Kingian nonviolence," or with any so-called nonviolence training that Sherrilynn (Sherri) Bevel and her associates purport to deliver. My name was used without my permission and without my knowledge.

Materials advertising speeches by Sherri Bevel promote her as "Sherri Bevel, daughter of James Bevel and Diane Nash civil rights activists." It is true that she is James Bevels and my daughter, but she fails to state that she and I have been estranged and not on speaking terms for over 25 years. I put her out of my life when after years of being verbally disrespectful, she became physically violent with me; she was 30 years old at the time. When she approaches people and identifies herself as James Bevels and my daughter, many are very welcoming and attempt to help her in any way possible, not knowing that she and I have been estranged for decades.

Sherrilynn is also estranged from her brother and from both of her adult children.

If she had any qualifications to teach Nonviolence, I believe she would list them; she was 3 years old and under when the nonviolent movement was taking place, so being our daughter is not a qualification to teach Nonviolence.

One of the fundamental requisites for nonviolence is Truth. For Sherrilynn to state that she is my daughter in order to give herself credibility without stating that we have been estranged for more than 25 years is dishonest.

So-called "Kingian nonviolence" has been taught for about 40 years. If it were the Nonviolence that was used when Dr. Martin Luther King was alive, it should have similar results — the Sit-ins, Freedom Ride and Selma Right to Vote movement produced social upheaval and significant social change. We did not have to explain our accomplishments; they were apparent to all who read newspapers or watched television news.

However, people who complete the so-called "Kingian nonviolence" training receive certificates, but there is no significant social change, only certificates.

Beware of organizations that obtain foundation grants and registration fees and that generate certificates, but no significant social change.

Feel free to share this communication with whomever you choose.

I regret sending you unpleasant information; however, under the circumstances, I think it is necessary.

If you have questions or comments, you may contact me at:

The struggle continues on many fronts,



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