Bernie Sanders
 — Muriel Tillinghast February 8, 2016

With all seriousness, the national campaign has its limitations for all of us. In all of the time that we have been in America, we as a people (Blacks and our allies however they got there) have never been discussed in a positive manner with a hint of humanity while our existence and what we have said has been on everybody's mind at some level of consciousness. Now in 2016, with the instigation and agitation of various forces, there is positive motion. No, it is not complete nor is it what I would have were I in charge, but it is what we have. This brings me to Bernie Sanders, candidate for the nomination of the Democratic Party.

I am concerned about comments dismissing him as silly and socialism as silly. Neither is. Bernie's record to my knowledge goes back more than 30 years when he was often the one and the only one who put certain matters before various committees or before the full house of the Congress. I consider him one of the few good guys on the public stage. I do not know of any fouling of his support of people-centered legislation about which he has been consistent nor am I aware of his abrogation of the public trust for personal benefit. He is a rare bird in American politics.

On the issue of socialism, let it suffice to say that as an effort to counter-balance the existing economic values, it is worth far more than a hand off. Building on a counter-system was necessary in the past and, well, I think even more so now, but I will not enter that debate on these pages.

Unless you have no intention of participating in the existing political structure, then for a number of reasons none of the candidates should be dismissed out of hand and front runners especially should be viewed with care. Are we going to get the kind of president we want? That is not the game. The end game is not getting the president that we don't want and going on from there. We are not going to get all that we want and deserve and need in this election or the next, but we will get what we can. If we can improve on who speaks for us, we will be getting ahead from our side of the political lines. The next soldiers in the army of change will have to carry on. ...

I like Bernie and he's the best out there. I urge that the conversation not be intemperate in that regard. I love and respect all of the people who threw themselves into the Struggle then and who are earnestly engaged in the Struggle now. I respect their opinions even when I respectfully disagree with them.

This is an extraordinarily selfish country with selfish people minding the store, all of their beliefs and espousals notwithstanding. Now as then, we have to navigate the channels that are open to us on this vast ocean of money, avarice and myopia. This is the American political landscape.

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