CRMVet Website Annual Report, the Year 2015
As of December 31, 2015

Website Traffic

According to Google there were 446,227 visits to the site in 2015. A "visit" is someone coming to the site and viewing one or more pages. If someone comes a second time, that's counted as a second visit. Roughly 87% of our visitors came from the U.S, with 13% from other nations. Not surprisingly, most of the foreign visitors come from English-language nations, but we get some visitors from just about everywhere.

As usual, our daily traffic rose and fell with the school calendar. Grade school and college students used the site for homework, reports, research, and so on. When school is in session, the number of visits each day to the site generally ranges from 800 to over 3,000 (compared to 400-1000 when school is not in session).

We first launched our site 16 years ago in 2000. The number of visitors grew steadily until around 2010. But as you can see from the graph below, our growth over the past 5 years has leveled off. It's possible that this slowing is because our site was designed for computer screens, but more and more people are using small-screen devices like phones to access the web. We're trying to make the site more "mobile-friendly" so that it displays better on tiny screens, and we'll continue to work on that in 2016. Another possibility is that web traffic is increasingly being driven by social media and we are not active in that arena. Unfortunately, we don't have social-media skills, nor do we have the financial resources to hire someone for social-media promotion.

Still, for an all-volunteer, educational, non-commercial, website with absolutely no funding or promotion budget, 300,000 to 450,000 visits per year is nothing to sneeze at.

[Visits graph] Annual number of visits, last five years.
2010: 328,000 (*est)   
2011: 332,559
2012: 348,990
2013: 419,716
2014: 355,153
2015: 445,951


Website Content

In terms of content, 2015 was good year for website. The number of stories, letters and documents continued to significantly increase.

Some Rough Content Counts:

628  Freedom Movement veterans listed on our Roll Call
300  Stories, narratives, & oral histories by Movement activists
310  Original articles & speeches by Movement activists
205  We'll Never Turn Back (Movement History & Timeline articles)
155  Original letters & reports from the field
1375  Original Freedom Movement documents
160  Commentaries by Movement veterans
40  Transcribed discussions of Movement veterans
180  Movement-Related Poems
595  Freedom Movement related books listed in Bibliography
1125  Links to other Movement websites & pages listed in Web Links   

Top-10 Most Visited Sections:

1. History & Timeline of the Southern Freedom Movement
2. Poems of the Freedom Movement
3. Our Words: Articles & Speeches From the Southern Freedom Movement
4. Photo Album: Images of a Peoples Movement
5. Southern Freedom Movement Documents, 1951-1968
6. Southern Freedom Movement Veterans Roll Call
7. Our Stories
8 Frequently Asked Questions About the Civil Rights Movement
9. In Our Memories They Live Forever
10. Freedom Rides of 1961

Top-10 Most Visited History & Timeline Pages:

1. The Year 1960 — (Student Sit-ins, SNCC Founded, New Orleans Schools, etc)
2. The Year 1961 — (Freedom Rides, Albany Movement, McComb MS, Baton Rouge, etc)
3. 1963: January-June — (Birmingham, Greenwood, North Carolina, Medgar Evers, etc)
4. 1965: Selma & the March to Montgomery
5. 1964: Mississippi Freedom Summer Events
6. 1963: July-December — (March on Washington, St. Augustine, etc)
7. The Year 1954 — (Brown v Board of Education & Massive Resistance, etc)
8. The Year 1955 — (Montgomery Bus Boycott, Emmett Till, Baltimore Sit-Ins, etc)
9. The Year 1962 — (Greenwood, Meredith at 'Ol Miss, Jackson, etc)
10 1964: January-June — (Civil Rights Act, St. Augustine, Hattiesburg, etc)

Top-10 Most Visited Photo Album Pages:

1. The Sit-Ins — Off Campus and Into Movement
2. Selma, Lord, Selma
3. We're Going to March in St. Augustine
4. The Freedom Rides
5. Mississippi Freedom Summer — 1964
6. The March to Montgomery
7. Young People Lead the Way
8. The Children's Crusade Birmingham — 1963
9. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize, Hold on! Hold on!
10. They Say That Freedom Is a Constant Struggle

Top-10 Most Visited Poetry Pages:

1. Poems of: Langston Hughes (1902-1967)
2. Poems of: Sojourner Truth (1797-1883)
3. Poems of: Naomi Long Madgett
4. Poems of: Margaret Block ( — 2015)
5. Poems of: Julian Bond (1940-2015)
6. Poems of: Chude Pam Parker Allen
7. Poems of: Joan Dresner Berstein
8. Poems of: Molly Lynn Watt
9. Poems of: Lulu Westbrook Griffin
10. Poems of: Joyce Brown

Top-20 Most Viewed Individual Pages (excluding table of contents pages and individual Photo Album, History & Timeline, and Poetry pages).

1. Voting Rights, Are You "Qualified" to Vote? (Literacy tests)
2. The Other America, Martin Luther King
3. Freedom Movement Bibliography
4. Voting Rights History ~ Two Centuries of Struggle, Bruce Hartford
5. John Lewis' speeches to the March on Washington — Original Draft & As Given
6. Southern Freedom Movement Web Links
7. FAQ: What were the failures of the Civil Rights Movement?
8. For Students & Teachers
9. I'm Sick and Tired of Being Sick and Tired, Mrs. Fannie Lou Hamer
10. About the Civil Rights Movement Veterans Website
11. Nonviolent Resistance & Political Power, Bruce Hartford
12. The Power of Freedom Songs, Bruce Hartford
13. FAQ: Do you think the Civil Rights Movement changed race relations in the U.S?
14. Two Kinds of Nonviolent Resistance, Bruce Hartford
15. Bigger Than a Hamburger, Ella Baker
16. The Onion Theory of Nonviolent Protest, Bruce Hartford
17. Example Segregation Laws
18. Selma & the March to Montgomery: a Discussion
19. Grenada Mississippi, 1966: Chronology of a Movement, Bruce Hartford
20. Nonviolent Resistance, Reform & Revolution, Bruce Hartford

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