CRMVet Website Annual Report, the Year 2014
As of December 31, 2014

In terms of content, 2014 was good year for website. The number of stories, letters and documents increased significantly.

However, for the first time in many years, the number of people visiting our site declined compared to last year and we're not sure why that was. It may be that fewer schools are teaching about the Civil Rights Movement, or they're using our site less. Or it may be that fewer Movement veterans are helping to promote the site by linking to it from their blogs and posts or mentioning it to their friends. Another possibility is that while Google, the most popular of all search engines, lists us very high in search results, at some time in the last year the Bing search engine (which is owned by Microsoft) dropped us way down in their listings. Since Yahoo uses Bing, this means that we are downgraded by the 2nd and 3rd most popular search engines that students use to research terms like "Civil Rights Movement." You can help us push back against this by regularly linking to on your Facebook and blog posts, in tweets, on your own websites, and so forth.

Annual Number of Visits
(A "visit" is a person coming to the website. That person might view one, two, or many different pages. If that same person comes again to the site on a different day, it counts as a second visit.)

2010: 328,000 (est)
2011: 332,559
2012: 348,990
2013: 419,716
2014: 355,153

Our daily traffic rises and falls with the school calendar. Students (K-12 & college) use the site for homework, reports, research, etc. When school is in session, the number of visits each day to the site generally range from 1,000 to 2,400 (compared to 500-1000 when school is not in session).

Total number of visits to the site in 2014 (includes multiple visits): 355,153
      Roughly 90% U.S. — 10% Non-U.S.

Number of Freedom Movement veterans listed on our Roll Call:
Rough count of Personal stories, narratives, interviews & oral histories:
Rough count of Articles, speeches & papers by Freedom Movement activists:     
Rough count of Letters & reports from the field:
Estimated number of Original Freedom Movement documents:
Number of Commentaries by Movement veterans:
Number of Transcribed discussions by Movement veterans:
Number of Freedom Movement related books listed in Bibliography:

Top-10 Most Visited Sections:

  1. Poems of the Freedom Movement
  2. Photo Album: Images of a Peoples Movement
  3. History & Timeline of the Southern Freedom Movement
  4. Documents of the Southern Freedom Movement 1951-1968
  5. Letters & Reports From the Field
  6. Veterans Roll Call
  7. Frequently Asked Questions About the Civil Rights Movement
  8. Freedom Rides of 1961
  9. Southern Freedom Movement Articles & Speeches by Movement Veterans
  10. Our Stories

Top-10 Most Visited History & Timeline Pages:

  1. The Year 1961 — (Freedom Rides, Albany Movement, McComb MS, Baton Rouge, etc)
  2. The Year 1960 — (Student Sit-ins, SNCC Founded, New Orleans Schools, etc)
  3. 1963: January-June — (Birmingham, Greenwood, North Carolina, Medgar Evers, etc)
  4. 1964: Mississippi Freedom Summer Events
  5. The Year 1954 — (Brown v Board of Education & Massive Resistance, etc)
  6. 1963: July-December — (March on Washington, St. Augustine, etc)
  7. 1964: January-June — (Civil Rights Act, St. Augustine, Hattiesburg, etc)
  8. The Year 1955 — (Montgomery Bus Boycott, Emmett Till, Baltimore Sit-Ins, etc)
  9. 1965: Selma & the March to Montgomery
  10. The Year 1962 — (Greenwood, Meredith at 'Ol Miss, Jackson, etc)

Top-10 Most Visited Photo Album Pages:

  1. The Sit-Ins — Off Campus and Into Movement
  2. Freedom Summer
  3. Birmingham: The Children's Crusade
  4. The Freedom Rides
  5. Young People Lead the Way
  6. Keep Your Eyes on the Prize
  7. Selma, Lord, Selma
  8. Freedom Is a Constant Struggle
  9. We're Going to March in St. Augustine
  10. Mississippi: Into the Storm

Top-10 Most Visited Poetry Pages:

  1. Poems of: Langston Hughes (1902-1967)
  2. Poems of: Sojourner Truth (1797-1883)
  3. Poems of: Naomi Long Madgett
  4. Poems of: Margaret Block
  5. Poems of: Chude Pam Allen (Pam Parker)
  6. Poems of: Julian Bond
  7. Poems of: Joan Dresner Berstein
  8. Poems of: Molly Lynn Watt
  9. Poems of: "Arkansas" Jim Benston
  10. Poems of: Joyce Brown

Top-20 Most Viewed Pages (excluding Photo Album, History & Timeline, and Poetry pages).

  1. Voting Rights, Are You "Qualified" to Vote?
  2. Voting Rights History ~ Two Centuries of Struggle
  3. Alabama Voter Literacy Test
  4. Freedom Movement Bibliography
  5. Alabama Voter Application Form
  6. For Students
  7. Southern Freedom Movement Web Links
  8. John Lewis' Speeches to the March on Washington — Original Draft & As Given
  9. About the Civil Rights Movement Veterans Website
  10. FAQ: What were the failures of the Civil Rights Movement?
  11. Mississippi Voter Application & Literacy Test (circa 1955)
  12. Nonviolent Resistance & Political Power
  13. Bigger Than a Hamburger
  14. Two Kinds of Nonviolent Resistance
  15. Nonviolent Resistance, Reform & Revolution
  16. Grenada Mississippi, 1966: Chronology of a Movement
  17. Example Segregation Laws
  18. The Power of Freedom Songs
  19. FAQ: Do you think the Civil Rights Movement changed race relations in the U.S?
  20. March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom, August 28, 1963

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