What the Civil Rights Movement Taught Us

See also Lessons Learned, by the SNCC Legacy Project (SLP)

On February 1st, 1960, four Black college students in Greensboro NC sat down at a white-only lunch counter and refused to leave when they were denied service. Their action sparked a youth-led mass movement against segregation and for voting rights.

Now, six decades later, we who were once young activists in that movement commemorate the student sit-ins of 1960 by reflecting on the lessons we learned.

[If you are a Freedom Movement veteran listed on our Roll Call, you are encouraged to contribute thoughts that you wish to pass on to the younger hands who are carrying the struggle forward into the future. Your contribution can be written or video, long or short, essay, remembrance, story, poem, quotes, aphorisms, maxims, whatever. (See Submissions for further information.]


What We Learned From the Freedom Movement

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