Marion Kwan

Delta Ministry, 1965-1966, Mississippi
Current Residence:
564 Central Ave. Apt. 121
Alameda, CA 94501
Phone: 415-810-9713

Hate Against Asian Americans & Asian Women
My Take: Protesting in 2020
Oral History Interview
Daily Log, Hattiesburg MS. Summer 1966
From Chinatown to Mississippi, 2018
They Hadn't Counted On Me Comin'
Fighting for Civil Rights in Hattiesburg, MS in 1965

Voter registration, integration of swimming pool and University of Southern Mississippi, set up summer day camp for children in Hattiesburg community. My most memorable event was my first day as a CWR with the Movement, when the courthouse had to dismiss the case of one of our freedom workers because nobody knew what to do with me (since I was Chinese and I refused to move to the Colored-only section or to the White-only section of the courtroom).

I am a community college counselor serving students who are economically- and educationally-disadvantaged, at the City College of San Francisco. I am also a consultant in Intercultural Communications.

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