Mr. Say Ain't Nothing, Mr. Do's the Man

Courtland Cox, 2024

Five Short Videos Vimeo

Mr. Say Ain't Nothing, Mr. Do's the Man, the guiding principle of SNCC's political organizing. 2021. 1min.

The Struggle for Human Rights. Viewing the struggle for justice and human rights as a long, complex, and multi-layered journey. A. Philip Randolph and John Lewis' speech at the March on Washington. Ella Baker and the sit-ins. 2021. 6min.

Control the Narrative. SNCC and the essentiality of controlling the narrative as a frame of reference from which action is taken. The strategic centrality of "freedom." The importance of "Black Power" and "Black Lives Matter." 2021. 6min.

Problems, Solutions and the Struggle for Power, What we see as problems our opponents see as solutions. Voting rights and who exercises politial power. 2021. 3min.

Politics as an Expression of Economic Interests. The vote is the currency of politics. Who defines and who decides? 2021. 4min.


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