Movement Veterans In the Storm

"We are the ones who've been treated without care, dignity or respect in our own place, our own country. We are the ones who will decide how to claim what we know as home — officials have engaged in — criminal neglect — and we call upon the world community to listen and support us."  — NOLA Community Labor United

Statements From Movement Veterans (& Others)

Come Back Home Campaign August 24-29, 2006

Statements From Movement Veterans (& Others)

  Oct 17Bill QuigleyNew Orleans: Leaving the Poor Behind Again!
  Oct 11CLUOn the Birthday of Fannie Lou Hamer
  Oct 10Ira GrupperIn the Eye of the Storm
  Oct 4 Jesse JacksonEased Out of the Big Easy
  Sept 19Bell Chevigny  A Shock To the System
  Sept 11   Thulani DavisUnbearable Crime On the Mississippi
  Sept 9Mario Salas  Flooding Racism and Class Hatred
  Sept 9Bob BrownThey Kissed New Orleans and its Poor Good Bye!
  Sept 8 John LewisNewsweek Opinion Article
  Sept 7Daphne MuseFated Fury of Katrina — Rise Up Ye Mighty Race
  Sept 7Sheila Michaels  Razing NOLA. Building What?
  Sept 2Julian BondNAACP Statement on Katrina & New Orleans

Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund & Oversight Coalition

The Peoples Hurricane Relief Fund & Oversight Coalition (PHRF) is a coalition of more than 40 local groups organizing to support community-controlled rescue and rebuilding. The PHRF is building a coordinated network of community leaders, organizers, and community based organizations with the capacity and organizational infrastructure to meet the needs of those most impacted by Hurricane Katrina, and to facilitate an organizing process that will demand local, grassroots leadership in the relief, return, and reconstruction process.

Other Ways to Aid Storm Survivors

   New Orleans Library Book Donations
  Nov 11  Student Hurricane Network (Legal)
  Nov 2Call For Solar Power!
  Sept 9  Donations Needed for Student Aid

Telling the Story

  Nov 2Story Collection ~ Help Needed
  Sept 18  Penny PatchKatrina: the Hurricane, the Flood, the Children
  Sept 7  Kalama ya Salaam  Neo-Griot New Orleans Project

Good sources for more information not manufactured by the media spin-machine: Facing South and Southern Studies

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