Penny Patch

SNCC, Georgia, Mississippi, Maryland, 1962-1965
Current Residence:
Box 847
Lyndonville, VT 05851
Phone: 802-626-3080

The Help — Thoughts of Penny Patch
Thoughts on Freedom Songs

I worked with SNCC for three years, first in Southwest Georgia and then in Mississippi. When I joined the SNCC project in Albany, GA I became the first white woman to work on a SNCC field project. I did office work, organized for voter registration and direct action, taught freedom school classes, and spent time in jail. My three years in the Movement were utterly defining and profoundly affected everything I have done since.

Now I live and work in Vermont, where I have been active in maternal child health for 30 years. In the 1970s I was a midwife delivering babies at home. These days I work as a nurse-midwife in a small community hospital. I also tell my story and educate young people about the Civil Rights Movement at area schools and colleges.

I am co-author of a book (with Connie Curry and seven others) called Deep In Our Hearts: Nine White Women in the Freedom Movement, published by University of Georgia Press in 2000.

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