Daphne Muse

SNCC, Tennessee, DC, 1966-70
Brentwood, CA
Email: msmusewriter@gmail.com
Blog: www.daphnemuse.blogspot.com

Daphne Muse (150 Years of Women at Berkeley)

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As a student at Fisk University, I was recruited to come on board by Willie Ricks and work with SNCC. I provided clerical assistance, memeographed flyers and provided additonal information for student contacts. I also participated in Movement and anti-war rallies as a student.

But it was in my work at Drum & Spear Bookstore (DC) that I truly came to know, respect and value the true brilliance of SNCC veterans like Charlie Cobb, Joe Gross, Judy Richardson, Juadine Henderson, Courtland Cox, MiMi Hayes, Jeniffer Lawson, Jean Wiley and Ralph Feathersone. As they continued their organizing work in another forum/format, my activism and consciousness grew exponentially.

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