Civil Rights Movement Documents
The Movement Newspaper

[The Movement began as the mimeographed newsletter of San Francisco Bay Area Friends of SNCC, then evolved into a full-fledged newspaper covering the broad range of social-justice movements shaping the second half of the 1960s.]

Introduction to The Movement, Terry Cannon & Joe Blum.

Bay Area Friends of SNCC Newsletter, 1964-1965
November 1964 (MFDP, poor whites, day by day in Mississippi, more... )
December 1964 (Congressional challenge, 1964 election, Mississippi, MCHR, more... )
January 1965 (Freedom schools, ASCS election, congressional challenge, more... )
February 1965 (Story of COFO pt 1, Mississippi student union, Selma, Arkansas, more... )

The Movement 1965
April (Bob Moses questions, Selma Bloody Sunday, HUAC, more... )
May (MFDP, Johnnie Mae Walker, MFDP, race and poverty, more ...)
June (MFLU, What is an organizer, Arkansas SNCC, more ...)
July (MFLU, MFDP Congressional Challenge, more ...)
August (Farm labor & rural poverty articles, Arkansas SNCC, more ...)
September (Cops in Congress, urban violence & nonviolence, more ...)
October (Grape strike, MFDP challenge, Watts trials, more ...)
November (Grape strike, Natchez movement, urban renewal, more ...)
December (Natchez boycott, grape strike, rural poverty, more ...)

The Movement 1966
February (Julian Bond election fight, Bogalusa LA, grape strike, more ...)
March (Stokely Carmichael interview, Vietnam & SNCC, farmworkers, more ...)
April (Grape strike pilgrimage, CDGM fight, Julian Bond, more ...)
June (Lowndes Co, John Hulett interview, grape strike, rent strike, more ...)
Digiorgio Boycott Supplement
July (Grape strike, redevelopment, White House conference, Alameda, Black Power, more ...)
August (Watts, Digiorgio, Black Power, more ...)
October (Police violence, Chicago poor whites, KY mines, more ...)
November (Farm workers, CIA, Black Power, Malcolm X, Martinsville Seven, more ...)
December (Lowndes Co. vote, public housing, farm workers, Freedom Movement primer, more ...)

The Movement 1967
January (Vietnam, Berkeley student strike, Malcolm X murder, more ...)
February (Texas farm workers, Reagan & welfare, Stokely Carmichael, more ...)
March (Sunflower Co, tuition & segregation, Orangeburg student sit-in, more ...)
April (Caesar Chavez, anti-draft, hippies, farmworkers, more ...)
May (Black students, SNCC workers indicted, Hanoi, anti-draft, Levis strike, more ...)
June (SNCC staff meeting, Cleveland, Sunflower Co, Lowndes Co, Stokely Carmichael, more ...)
July (Riots, Prattville siege, draft resistance, police repression, more ...)
September (Stokely in Cuba, GI resistance, SNCC Israel & Palestine, Atlanta, anti-draft, more ...)
November (Oakland Stop the Draft Week, Israel, integrated organizing, more ...)

The Movement 1968
January (SF State, Peace & Freedom Party, Tijerina frameup, Rap Brown arrest, more ...)
February (Oakland 7 indictments, Rennie Davis, Nashville police, anti-war, more ...)
April (Cuba, Black Panthers, Orangeburg massacre, anti-draft, MFDP statement, more ...)
May (1968 election, Levis strike, MLK assassination, Texas Southern Univ, SDS, more ...)
June (Columbia Univ strike, Panthers shot, white responses to racism, Memphis garbage workers strike, more ...)
July (SF State, Panthers, Paris uprising, radical response to racism, free Huey, more ...)
August (Berkeley street protests, France uprising, Huey Newton, MCHR vs AMA, more ...)
September (Huey Newton trial, Haight St., white rural poverty, Chicago strikes, Resurrection City, more ...)
October (Huey Newton trial, welfare rights, Chicago protests, GI resistance, Berkeley street protests, more ...)
November (George Wallace, Jerry Rubin, Columbia Univ, Cuba, more ...)
December (GI resistance, Peggy Terry, election actions, Dodge rebellion, Brown Berets, more ...)

The Movement 1969
January (SF State, working class organizing, Cuba, high school revolts, more ...)
February (Wilmington DL, Red Guard, Austin TX, SF State, Mexico, more ...)
March (Oakland 7, Columbia Univ, Chevron strike, Bobby Seale, GI resistance, SF State, Mission High School, more ...)
April (Black workers, draft resistance, GI resistance, Black students, UC Berkeley strike, womens liberation, more ...)
May (Panthers, Young Lords, Chevron strike, PLO, NY high schools, SF State, more ...)
June (Berkeley Peoples Park, Young Lords, coal miners, NY schools, mental health, Detroit wildcats, draft resistance, more ...)
July (Peoples Park, Presidio mutiny, workers health, La Raza, Cuba, Cornell Univ, Detroit Black workers, Mozambique, more ...)
August (Los Siete, Panthers, Black workers, GI resistance, Vietnam PRG, gangs, Wayne State, gun control, more ...)
September (Farmworkers, anti-war, Erica Huggins, Panthers & womens liberation, SF Mayor Alioto, more ...)
October (Panthers, wildcat strike, legal defense, Ho Chi Minh, Trashman cartoon, more ...)
November (Street battles, union of revolutionary women, Muni Black caucus, Young Lords, Los Siete, Bolivia, Ethiopia, more ...)
December (Bobby Seale, SF Newsreel, Seattle Black reconstruction, Fry strike, Hayden on Chicago trial, SF State-Hayakawa, more ...)

The Movement 1970
January (Anti-imperialism, conspiracy, urban bombings, steel strike, Native Americans, Vietnam Moratorium, Fred Hampton, more ...)

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