Bay Area Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement
Statement: "Eyes on the Prize"

We who are veterans of the Southern Freedom Movement of the 1960s support efforts to open the corporate copyright vaults and allow people to view "Eyes on the Prize."

We strongly defend the original purpose of copyright which was to protect creators, — artists, composers, performers, photographers, writers, and others, — from commercial theft of their work, and to ensure that creators could make a living from their craft. But today media conglomerates have imprisoned the copyrights that once belonged to the creators, seizing the income that rightfully belongs to those who did the work, denying access to those who cannot afford to pay their exorbitant fees, and sequestering information that runs counter to their corporate political agendas.

Information, — and particularly history, — is as much a necessity of intellectual and economic life as food is of biologic life. Not only is it morally wrong to deny people the necessities of life, it's impractical because when people cannot afford to buy food they steal it. As citizens we know that without full access by all to multiple sources of news and information, democracy itself becomes a myth. And as Toni Morrison told us in 1986, "Access to knowledge is the superb, the supreme act of truly great civilizations."

To us, knowledge is a human right every bit as important as the right to vote and the right be treated with courtesy and respect. Therefore, we do not believe that reading, or viewing, or listening is, or should ever become, a crime. Nor should access to information become a luxury sold only to the wealthy.

The events, images, narratives, and songs of "Eyes on the Prize" were not written, created, or performed by the corporations who now have the copyrights under their lock and key. It was those who gave their lives in the struggle, the heroic children of Birmingham, the courageous citizens of Mississippi, the Selma marchers, the school integrators, the sit-ins and Freedom Riders, and the people of a thousand colleges, towns, and hamlets across the South who created the Civil Rights Movement and we have a right to have our stories told.

Therefore, in the spirit of Southern Freedom Movement, we who once defied the laws and customs that denied people of color their human rights and dignity, we whose faces are seen in "Eyes on the Prize," we who helped produce it, defy the media giants who have buried our story in their vaults by publicly sharing episodes of this forbidden knowledge with all who wish to see it.

Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement
Chude Allen   
Thomas M. Armstrong   
St.Clair Bourne
Heather & Bob Baum
Cathy Cade
Lois Clinton
Connie Curry
Ivanhoe Donaldson
Maggie Nolan Donovan    
Jo Freeman
Hardy Frye
Bob Fullilove
Aviva Futorian
Reebee Garofalo
E. Marie Gertge
Miriam Cohen Glickman
John W. Hardy
Bruce Hartford
Jan Hillegas
Phil Hutchings
Don Jelinek
Joyce Ladner
Martha Livingston
William Mandel
Elizabeth (Betita) Martinez     
Steve McNichols
Sheila Michaels
Claire O'Connor
Penny Patch
Gwen Patton
Wazir (Willie) Peacock
Charles Person
Julie Prettyman
Judy Richardson*
Betty Garman Robinson
Jimmy Rogers
John (Hunter Bear) Salter
Florence Tate
Jean Wiley

* In addition to being a dedicated Movement veteran, Judy Richardson was Series Associate Producer and Education Director, for "Eyes on the Prize."

Statement Supporters
Frank, Adams - Asheville, NC
Keith, Alioto - Baltimore, MD
Mohamed, Allam - Cairo, Egypt
Nicholas, Alvarado - San Mateo, CA
Donald, Anderson - Columbus, OH
Jesse, Anttila-Hughes - New York, NY
Larry, Appleton - Chicago, IL
Scott, Austin - Columbus, OH
Howard, Bales - Portland, OR
Donna, Banks - Mitchilville, MD
Dana, Barancik - Las Vegas, NV
B.A., Barracus - Honolulu, HI
Joyce, Bartyzel - El Cajon, CA
Andrew, Beatty - Toronto, Ontario
Mike, Behlen - Oklahoma City, OK
Gilad, Ben-Zeev - San Francisco, CA
David, Bennett - Seattle, WA
Bryce, Benton - Denton, TX
Robert, Berlet - Davis, CA
Tricia, Bhatia - Worcester, MA
David, Bibbs - San Antonio, TX
Matt, Biswell - Bellevue, WA
Angela, Bobst - Phoenix, AZ
Christopher, Bodenlos - Denver, CO
Phil, Bordelon - Baton Rouge, LA
Gates, Bradley - Austin, TX
James, Bradwell - Atlanta, GA
Ron, Braithwaite - Portland, OR
Michael, Braun Hamilton - Portland, OR
Jenine, Bressner - Providence, RI
Jerry, Brooks - Sioux City, IA
Terry, Brooks - Chapin, SC
Chris, Brown - Montreal, Montreal
Raymond, Brown - Philadelphia, PA
Peter, Bull - Lowell, MA
Kevin, Burgam - Norton Shores, MI
Caroline, Burke - Madison, WI
Tom, Byers - Watsonville, CA
Nick, C. - Platteville, WI
Paul, Cameron - San Francisco, CA
Paul, Camp - Atlanta, GA
John, Carle - Alexandria, VA
Tom, Carrell - Lincoln, NE
S, Casey - London, UK
Joe, Castleman - Austin, TX
Lan, Cheng - Worcester, MA
Tiffiniy, Cheng - Worcester, MA
Jean, Christie - Scarborough, Ontario
Brian, Coan - Redwood City, CA
Tom, Cohen - Los Angeles, CA
Joel, Coldren - Carrboro, NC
Jim, Conroy - Hillsboro, OR
Christopher, Cook - Austin, TX
Helen, Cook - Vancouver, BC
Marcus, Cook - San Francisco, CA
Gerald Cooper - Skillman, NJ
Brian, Copcea - Raleigh, NC
Keith, Copenhagen - Orinda, Ca
Michael, Cozens - London, Ontario
Peter, Crosier - Leeds, UK
Nicholas, Cunningham - Birmingham, AL
Bill, Curry - Wynyard, Saskatchewan
Matt, Dahlberg - San Francisco, CA
Linette, Davis - Davis, CA
Jason, Day - Norcross, GA
Jane, DeNeefe - Brattleboro, VT
Matthew, Deckard - St. Louis, MO
David, Demchuk - Toronto, Ontario, CANADA
Alfie, Dennen - NY, NY
Edwin, Dennis - Clyde, NC
Cory, Doctorow - London, England
Andrea, Donnelly - Worcester, MA
Jonathan, Donnelly - boston, MA
Katherine, Donnelly - worcester, MA
James, Douglas - Boulder, CO
Marian, Douglas - Washington, DC
Jonathan, Druy - San Diego, CA
Anthony, Eales - Maryborough, Victoria
Dent, Earl - Los Angeles, CA
Dr Chris, Edwards - Manchester, UK
Rebecca, Egipto - San Diego, CA
Scott, Ellerman - Dallas, TX
Lucas, Emery - Charlottesville, VA
Timothy, Ereneta - Berkeley, CA
Roddy, Erickson - Valencia, CA
Matt, Esget - Issaquah, WA
Kevin, Federline - Heaven, LA
Rick, Fennelly - Lamoine, ME
Marc, Fernandez - Davis, CA
Carolyn, Fitzpatrick - Coral Springs, FL
ED, Fitzpatrick - coral springs, FL
Jacob, Flom - Milwaukee, WI
Jacqueline, Fralley - Kensington, MD
Angeline, Frett - Killeen, TX
Vincent, Frett - Killeen, TX
Samuel, Friedman - Highland Park, NJ
Joseph, Gabriel - San Francisco, CA
Bill, Gates - arizona, WA
Erin, Genia - Olympia, WA
C. Tyler, Giesa - Atlanta, GA
Matthew, Godwin - Davis, CA
Kyle, Goetz - Victoria, TX
Karin, Golde - Oakland, CA
Andrew, Grant - Seattle, WA
Andrew, Greenlee - Seattle, WA
Kimberly, Grojean - Austin, TX
Tim, Gulson - London, United Kingdom
Rebecca, Gustamente - Hollywood, FL
Brian, H - San Francisco, CA
Jenny, H. - Seattle, WA
Robert, Haas - Moraga, CA
Dr. Dee A., Hahn - Escondido, CA
Robert, Hare - Peekskill, NY
Prager, Harold - Brussels, Belgium
Colin, Harrison - Manchester, UK
Jake, Harvey - Durham, CT
Ashley, Hasz - Los Angeles, CA
Joey, Hayles - Los Angeles, CA
Ian, Hebert - London, Ontario
Geoffrey, Helms - Ventura, CA
Martha, Henderson - Chapel Hill, NC
Hue, Henry - Mesa, AZ
Karl, Hildenbrand - Pennellville, NY
Misha, Hill - Auburndale, MA
Neil, Hobbs - Leeds, England
Jeremy, Hogan - Raleigh, NC
Kendra, Holtzman - Lawrence, KS
Michael, Hyde - Newport News, VA
Fafchamps, JM - Bangkok, Thailand
Lawrence,fJohnson-Jro-pMortonoGrove, ILr
Johndan, Johnson-Eilola - St. Regis Falls, NY
Patrick, Jones - Lincoln, NE
Ted, Jones - St. Petersburg, FL
Kiran, Jonnalagadda - Bangalore, India
Nikhil, Joshi - Davis, CA
Bryan, Kelley - Atlanta, GA
Jennifer, Kelley - Atlanta, GA
Peter, Kemmer - San Jose, CA
Reed, Kennedy - San Francisco, CA
Clark, Kent - Smallville, KS
Lisa, Kerr - Clarksburg, WV
Winn, King - Swannanoa, NC
Megan, Klimen - Burlingame, CA
Morgan, Knutson - San Diego, CA
Michael, Kostrikin - Long Beach, CA
Matt, Kraai - Upland, CA
Sarah, Kramer - Lowell, MA
Zack, Kushner - san francisco, CA
Julie, Kwiek - Sun Prairie, WI
Ray, LaGard - Fort Worth, TX
Calvin, Lawson - Seattle, WA
Jonathan, Lawson - Seattle, WA
Aron, Lazarchick - Mays Landing, NJ
Kay, Lee - Atlanta, GA
Vickie, Lee - Brookhaven, MS
David, Leland - La Jolla, CA
William, Lemieux - Denver, CO
Christopher, Ligon - Austin, TX
Andy, Lin - Newark, CA
Alexander, Lombardi - Irvine, CA
Peter, Lopez - Scarsdale, NY
Carri, Luster - Kokomo, IN
John, Maas - Oneonta, NY
Mick, Magno - Los Angeles, CA
Lee, Majella - Chicago, IL
Linda, Mansker - Corning, NY
Adam, Marcus - Santa Clara, CA
Dominick, Mastroserio - Sound Beach, NY
Adam, Mayes - Los Angeles, CA
James, Mayfield - Silver Spring, MD
Tiffanie, McCoy - Sunnyvale, CA
Art, McGee - Oakland, CA
Steven, McNichols - San Francisco, CA
Heather, Meadows - Augusta, GA
William, Merriam - Hastings, UK, (other)
Jesse, Merriman - Rochester, NY
Raymond, Meyer - Mountain View, CA
Dennis, Mills - Olympia, WA
Paul, Mueller - Tucson, AZ
Kevin, Murakoshi - Davis, CA
Raleigh, Myers - Sterling, MA
Bear, Naff - Houston, TX
Otha, Nash - Fort Gordon, GA
Nick, Nassar - Worcester, MA
Kalyan, Neelamraju - Pleasanton, CA
Eric, Nguyen - Davis, CA
Marion, Nobel - Escondido, CA
Naomi, Norberg - Oakland, CA
Andrea, Norouzi - Knoxville, MD
Pat, O'Brien - Cambridge, MA
Michael, OConnell - sunnyvale, CA
David, Oh - Alexandria, WY
Wren, Osborn - El Cajon, CA
Robin,PPelle- Stevenage,oHertswUKe
d, N/A
Lauren, Pellegrino - Ardsley, NY
Rachel, Petersman - 27-19 12th St. Apt. 3, NY
Tammy, Pettit - Louisville, KY
Shelley, Petty - Killeen, TX
Elizabeth, Phan - Davis, CA
Danielle, Pickett - Brooklyn, NY
Donald, Pinkston - Oak Forest, IL
Jeff, Polaski - Foothill Ranch, CA
James, Pryor - Houston, TX
Adrienne, R - San Rafael, CA
Patrick, Race - Juneau, AK
Mary, Ratcliff - San Francisco, CA
Marshall, Redcross - keokuk, IA
Adam, Redman - Waltham, MA
Christopher, Reed - Austin, TX
Rufus, Reed - Lowell, MA
Matthew, Reinbold - Salt Lake City, UT
Coalition Equity, Restorative Justice - Brattleboro, VT
Nicholas, Reville - Worcester, MA
Wes, Richardson - Knoxville, TN
Mike, Robinson - San Jose, CA
Michael, Rohm - Ocala, FL
Alex, Rose - LOS ANGELES, CA
Bernard, Roth - Seaside, CA
Debby, Rudy - Fitzwilliam, NH
Elisabeth, Russo - Davis, CA
Adam, Sadowsky - Los Angeles, CA
Shirley, Sanchez - Tollhouse, CA
Pravin, Sathe - New York, NY
Elaine, Schramm - Tucson, AZ
Alex, Scrodin - Plattsburgh, NY
Philip, Sebron - Cincinnati, OH
Jesse, Shannon - Los Angeles, CA
Mike, Shifflet - Phoenix, AZ
Andrew, Shurtz - Baton Rouge, LA
Ed, Silva - Gilberts, IL
Alan, Sinclair - Santa Cruz, CA
Melanie, Sinclair - Long Beach, CA
Praveen, Sinha - Redwood City, CA
Kietanan, Siwaporn - Chiangmai, Thailand
Ben, Skott - atlanta, GA
Robin, Skyler - Albany, NY
Bobbi, Small - Baltimore, MD
Charles, Smith - Atlanta, GA
Ed, Smob;e - Bronx, NY
Eric, Soares - Oakland, CA
Chris, Sollars - San Francisco, CA
David, Soule - SF, CA
Libby, Spencer - Durham, NC
Sudhir, Srinivasa - Irvine, CA
Sue, Stacey - Oakland, CA
Edward, Steichen - Waunakee, WI
Jane, Stillwater - Berkeley, CA
Mark, Stillwell - Orange Park, FL
Danielle, Strle - new york, NY
Perian, Sully - Oakland, CA
Mike, Swinford - Kirkland, WA
Gayane, TOrosyan - Iowa City, AK
Gayane, TOrosyan - Iowa City, IA
Magdalena, Tarasiewicz - Prospect Heights, IL
Paul, Taylor - Killeen, TX
Chris, Tennant - fort wayne, IN
Holger, Terp - Hvidovre, Denmark, Denmark
Lance, Thibodeau - saint francis, ME
Chris, Tucker - Boston - Birthplace of the Abolitionist Movemment., MA
Jason, Turgeon - Boston, MA
Laura, Urias - Davis, CA
Sally, Waggoner - Kirksville, MO
Carol, Walker - Randolph, VT
Anthony, Warnack - Alameda, CA
Jodi, Warren - London, England, UK
David, Warth - Queens, NY
Louida, Watson - Queens, NY
Lisa, Weddle - San Francisco, CA
Josh, Weinberg - Palo Alto, CA
Tara, Wheatland - Berkeley, CA
Benjamin, Wheeler - Brooklyn, NY
Andrew, Whitehead - Parma, OH
Lewis, Whitmire - Cary, NC
Oliver, Will - Acton, MA
Benjamin, Williams - Jamaica Plain, MA
Jess, Williams - Atlanta, GA
John, Wilmerding - Brattleboro, VT
Peter, Wilmerding - Brattleboro, VT
Barry, Wilson - Overland Park, KS
Holmes, Wilson - Worcester, MA
Stewart, Wilson - Edinburgh, United Kingdom
Alex, Wittholz - Toronto, Canada
Scott, Wood - West Jordan, UT
Derek, Yap - Pittsburgh, PA
Halstead, York - Portland, OR
Gogo, Yubari - Tokyo, Japan
Zakkary, Zoah - San Francisco, CA
william, aquino - san francisco, CA
ron, bueno - san diego, CA
chris, colin - san francisco, CA
matthew r., courter - seattle, WA
Alvin, fischer - vancouver, WA
Efia Nwangaza, fka Margaret M. Mills - Greenville, SC
bob, gimlich - wayland, MA
shayla, hason - portland, OR
richard, kinning - london, United Kingdom
jennifer, knight - Bradenton, FL
chris, larson - portland, OR
geoffrey, mack - san rafael, CA
steve, olszewski - san francisco, CA
christy, pascoe - san francisco, CA
zack, rubenstein - philadelphia, PA
martin, schafer - minneapolis, MN
amy, standen - san francisco, CA
Danielle, the Whore - The Streets, of South Philly
judy, welch - boca raton, FL
ryan, williams - Minneapolis, MN
daniel, winckler - new york, NY

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