Florence Tate
(1931 — 2014)
Charles Tate

Current Residence: Sarasota, FL

Florence Tate — what a wonderful idea!

Active with Dayton, Ohio CORE, 1963-66; Dayton Alliance for Racial Equality (DARE) 1966-69. SNCC fundraiser and southern Ohio campus liaison, 1966-68. National info coordinator for first African Liberation Day demonstrations in US organized by ALDCC in 1972, Washington DC. Press secretary for Marion Barry's first campaign for mayor of Washington, DC and press secretary in his first administration. Journalist at the Dayton Daily News — 1963-1966. (No problem with conflict of interest in those roiling times!) Director of Communications, National Urban Coalition, 1971-74. Organized "Friends of Angola" a support group for Angolan independence in 1974 and disbanded in 1976 because of Angolan civil war and resultant international political conflict, confusion and acrimony. Press secretary for the 1984 Jesse Jackson for president campaign. Currently a charter member of the National Black Alternative School Organization recently founded in Milwaukee by Dr. Howard Fuller (Owusu Sadaukai), founder of Malcolm X University in Greensboro and national chairman and organizer of ALDCC.

I am now a board member of Forum 2004: Truth for a Change, a Sarasota-based non-profit organization which was organized during this election year (2004), to inform and educate the citizens in this Florida area. We organize and sponsor public events featuring well-known speakers, writers and activists who address current issues affecting us all: the criminal justice system; civil /human rights; womens' rights; the environment; health and welfare; voting rights and voting fraud; racial equality and justice; unemployment/underemployment; future supreme court appointments; and other political and social issues of national concern.

Former CORE member and SNCC supporter Florence L. Tate will be presented a LIVING LEGACY AWARD from ASALH (the Association for the Study of African American Life and History) at its 87th annual black history month luncheon in Washington, D.C., February 23, 2013. "Tate has served as communications director and press secretary for a number of organizations, institutions and political figures, including National Urban Coalition President M. Carl Holman, D.C. Mayor Marion Barry and the 1984 U.S. presidential candidate The Reverend Jesse Jackson. Using her freedom of information file as a guide, she is currently writing her memoir, "THE FBI'S MOST WANTED PRESS SECRETARY."

Charles E Tate

Member of Dayton CORE, co-founder of Dayton Alliance for Racial Equality. Member/organizer of National Welfare Rights Organization and organizer of "dayton Moms" (D_MOMS) a bunch of militantly righteous sisters who demonstrated and worked for welfare rights and reform in late 60's in Dayton. Founded the Booker T Washington foundation in Washington DC. President and economic development theoretician. Organized and administrated the National Cable Communications Resource Center in an attempt to prepare national black communities to be able to successfully bid for ownership of cable franchises when cable TV came to america's cities. Started a public charter high school for enterprise and development in September, 2000.

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