Julia Poussaint (Julie Prettyman)

NYC SNCC Office, 1962-65
Current Residence: Virginia Beach, VA
Email: medfordjp@aol.com

I ran the NY SNCC office - providing support, publicity, press coverage, fundraising, health care, federal oversight, formation of "Friends of SNCC" groups, etc. Was part of support for the development of COFO, MFDP, etc., recruited & interviewed all ("legal") participants from Northeast for 1964 Summer Project. Held rallies, protests (got arrested for picketing the Worlds Fair), workshops, set up meetings & speaking engagements for field staff in NY environs. Interacted with field locations and "staff" on any needs, issues or support. Maintained liason w/other CR organizations/groups in the area.

Don't remember everything, after all, it was a 24/7 job. And the best I ever had.... despite working for the next 30 years in EEO agencies and corporations as EEO Dir/Mgr.

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