Civil Rights Movement Documents
Stanford University Mississippi Freedom Project

1964Mississippi Freedom Project - Stanford Newsletter, November 10, 1964
1964Report on MFDP Congressional Challenge, Mike Thelwell, MFDP/SNCC. November 10 1964
1964The Influence of Good Grooming on Power Structures, Richard Mullins, MFP-SU. Undated (possibly December 1964)
64? 65?Development of the Mississippi Project, unsigned SNCC? COFO? Undated (probably later 1964 or early '65)
1964The Politics of Poverty, Charles E. Silberman. Reprinted by MFP-SU. December 1964
1964Detailed report from Meridian MS, Luke Cabat. December 1964
1964Reflections from jail on the murders of Chaney, Schwerner and Goodman, unsigned. December 1964,
1965Selma Alabama and the White Northern Liberal, Judy Walborn February 1965

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