Southern Regional Council (SRC) Publications

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New South Issues

1946-1955 Changing Patterns in the South Southern Regional Council. Compendium of 42 articles on race & democracy in the South. 1946-1955.
1961, July-August Freedom Rides
Travel Notes From a Deep South Tourist, by Frank Holloway
The Freedom Ride, by Leslie Dunbar
World Press Views Freedom Rides and the United States
1962, October Mississippi
They Know They're Niggers
The South's Pattern of Violence Has Changed, by George McMillen
Mississippi: The Mood of the Deep South, by Claude Sitton
Editorial, University of Alabama Crimson White (re Meredith at 'Ole Miss
1963, March The Other Mississippi
Day of Repentance and The New Gospel
A Trail Through the Wilderness, by James Nicholson
Paranoia, Guilt, and Atonement, by Duncan Gray
That All Men Are Brothers
1964, June Police Practice in Alabama, (affadavits),
Letter From Leon Dure, re "Freedom of Choice" plans
1964, October Capital Punishment, by Marion Wright
A Kaddish for Whom?, by A. Schwarzlieber
Tuskegee and the Good Life, by Paul Anthony
1964, November Poverty and Segregation in the South, by John H. Wheeler
Home Again, by Al Ulmer
1964, December The Book Explosion of 1964, by Margret Long
1968, Fall State of the Soutern States (Summaries)
1965, November Violence
The Fire That Time, by Samuel Adams
Self Respect in the Alley, by Bill Beardslee
Am I my Brother's Keeper?, by Helen Howard
Some Race Related Deaths in the United States, list 1955-1965
Fall, 1968 New South Notes
The Poor People's Campaign, by Warren Pritchard
Violence in Miama: One More Warning, by John Boone & William Farmar
The Gift, by Ruth Beittel
Terror in Mississippi, by Jack Nelson
Rural Dixie's Plight, by Neil Maxwell
"Law and Order" in South Carolina, by Jack Bass
"To Seek a Newer World", by Phillip M. Stern
To Light the Darkened Joy, by Rabbi Jacob Rothschild
State of the Southern States
Washington Report, by Robert Sherrill

SRC Special Reports

1961The Freedom Ride May 1961, unsigned 21-page report.
1961The Student Protest Movement: a Recapitulation, SRC Special Report
1965School Desegregation: Old Problems Under a New Law, Southern Regional SRC Special Report. September 1965.
1966 Cooperatives, Credit Unions, and Poor People, Southern Regional Council (SRC). March 1966
67? 68?Hungry Children, SRC Special Report. Undated (possibly 1967 or 1968 or later)
1969Black Candidates Southern Campaign Experiences, Julian Bond, SRC. August 1969
1970 Black Students Talk About Their Experiences in Desegregated Schools, SRC Special Report. Betsy Fancher, SRC.

SRC Other Publications

1956 Next Steps in the South, unsigned 13-page report on school desegregation.
1959Intimidation Reprisal and Violence in the South's Racial Crises 1955-1958, Southern Regional Council, American Friends Service Committee, Church of Christ. Detailed list of incidents.
1960 Racial Violence and Law Enforcement, 1960, by George McMillan, 33-page report.
1961Freedom Rides, New South, July-August 1961 (Multiple articles)
1961 The Hard or the Easy Way? unsigned 4-page analysis of school integration. Oct 1961.
1962 Albany: A Study in National Responsibility, by Howard Zinn. 41-page report on the Albany Movement
1963 Southern Schools: Token Desegregation and Beyond, 1963, by J. Kenneth Moreland. 35-page report on token school integration. June 1963.
1963 Civil Rights: Year End Summary, December 31, 1963, unsigned 21-page South-wide report.
1964 The Question From Jacksonville, April 16, 1964, unsigned 14-page report on racial & urban violence and non-violence.
1966 Justice in Grenada Mississippi, unsigned 15-page report on the breakdown of law enforcement.
1969Black Candidates Southern Campaign Experiences, Julian Bond, SRC. August 1969

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